GUN raises more than $1.5M for its decentralized database system

GUN is an open-source decentralized database service that allows developers to build fast peer-to-peer applications that will work, even when their users are offline. The company behind the project (w

The Tupperware Turret: The Cake Container Is A Lie

I realize this is a bad day to show off something amazingly cool, but this turret is worth the abuse. Basically it’s a Tupperware cake container with an airgun inside. It uses a small microcontr

Hands-on With the Nerf Stampede ECS-50

<img src="">A lot of folks are like "I would love to shoot a lot of Nerf darts at my friends and fellow cu

Way beyond Bed and Bath: the Jerky Gun

Guns and meat usually dominate the conversations at my local barber shop, but the Jumbo Jerky Works takes things to a whole new level. The fact that this is available from Bed, Bath and Beyond has me

Jack Bauer Gear at Uncrate

Uncrate has tenaciously gone through the catalog of all the gear Jack Bauer regularly uses on “24.” It’s a show I’ve tried several times unsuccessfully to get into. Oh well. Fo