Fret Zealot adds lights and learning to your guitar

I’ve been messing around with LED-embedded guitars since the original GTar. Designed to help beginners learn and players look like all supersonic freakadelic on stage, they have quickly become c

The Loog Pro allows children to shred their faces off and/or shout the devil

Children who are about to rock, we salute you. The Loog Pro is a guitar made just for kids and features three strings that can be tuned in various open tunings for easy playing. The original Loog guit

The Jammy is a steel string guitar that fits in a pocket

As a fan of electronic guitars -- as opposed to plain-old electrics -- the Jammy seems like a very interesting piece of kit. Designed to be played like a regular guitar, you fret on the top part of th

Two new Loog guitars let your toddler shout at the devil

Loog is a New York-based guitar company run by a music teacher named Rafael Atijas. These three-string guitars are designed for kids as young as 3 years old and they make guitar easy and fun – a

A new guitar is 30% lighter thanks to multiple weird tricks

Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could make a lighter guitar, they didn’t stop to think if they should. As TC’s resident guitar lover I have to take all the high-te

For those about to tune, we salute you

The first Roadie tuner was a miracle in a plastic case. This little device connected to your phone and then turned the machine heads (the little tuning knobs) on your guitar to exactly the right posit

The Yamaha LL-TA Guitar turns a lonely little room into a concert hall

“Well you’re in your little room,” wrote the bard. “And you’re working on something good. But if it’s really good you’re gonna need a bigger room.” With

Bohemian Guitars Returns With Something That Will Encourage Ukulele Lady To Like You

Bohemian Guitars first won our hearts with their unique oilcan git-fiddles, an instrument at once primitive and surprisingly advanced. I played with them about two years ago and now they're back with

Fly Or Die: The Jamstik+

We’re back after a long break and I bet you missed our mugs on TC’s Fly or Die. This week we present the Jamstik+, a surprisingly cool little musical instrument that immediately got Jordan

The Digital Chord Chart Is A DIY Way To Learn The Guitar

It is my understanding, and correct me if I’m off base here, that you’re into piña coladas and getting caught in the rain. Furthermore, you’re not into yoga and, I suspect this is

The New Jamstik+ Is A Musician’s Best Friend

As a wannabe guitarist, I find that the hardest thing to do is sit down and actually play guitar. When I first saw the Jamstik, a five-fret mini electronic guitar, I was impressed. It was about as big

Expressiv Is An Irish MIDI Guitar With Some Groovy Light Effects, Man

Hey, man, is that a MIDI guitar with amazing internal lighting effects? Well turn it up! Hot on the heels of the GTar and the Jamstik we present the Expressive, a guitar designed by Rob O’Reilly

The Loog Crowdfunded Kids’ Guitar Goes Electric

"Judas!" cried someone from the carpeted, block-strewn floor. Mrs. Felton, the third grade teacher, looked at the kids with contempt. "I don't believe you!" she yelled.

Hands-On With The Kickstarted Bohemian Guitar Company’s ‘Oil Can’ Guitars

In order to put our money where our hype is we like to take a closer look at <a href="">Kickstarter</a> products we've talked about on the site. Today we have the

Moniker Guitars Crowdfunds Its Way Into Business

When we last saw <a href="">Moniker Guitars</a> they were trying to raise $50,000 to fund a cust

JamStik, The Mini Guitar That Connects To Your iPhone, Hits Indiegogo

When we first saw <a href="">the Jamstik at CES this year</a> we called it amaz

Moniker Looks To Crowdfunding To Create A Custom Guitar Business

Austin-based Moniker Guitars is running a <a target="_blank" href="">Kickstarter campaign</a> to create a

Up Close With MacKenzie & Marr’s Handmade, Online-Only Guitars

One of the benefits of the web is that you can eschew traditional models of distribution and talk to your customer one-on-one. In what I consider a first for ecommerce, guitar makers <a target="_blank

MacKenzie & Marr Bring Guitar-making Into The 21st Century

Guitar-making is a noble and beautiful art and it's high time luthiers started thinking about the web. <a target="_blank" href="">MacKenzie & Marr</a> is a tiny company in Qu

Gibson Shipping The Firebird X, A Computer Inside A Guitar

Announced at CES 2011, the Gibson Firebird X has been a fascinating example of a traditional instrument maker building something that, arguably, is quite revolutionary. The Firebird X is essentially a
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