• Review: Hands-On with AmpliTube 2 for iPhone

    IK Multimedia released an update to their AmpliTube iOS app today in the iTunes App Store. We reviewed the first version of the app and its necessary iRig hardware dongle back in July. It’s a worthy and early entrant into the emerging arena for native app-based recording on touch-enabled mobile devices. Version 2 of this iOS app is a free upgrade for previous installs and offers a… Read More

  • Review: Castiv Guitar Sidekick iPhone Attachment

    You would think that attaching a cell phone to a guitar would have been something people jumped on in the early days of wireless. Of course, using a flip phone wouldn’t have been practical, so what the world was really waiting for was the iPhone. Castiv is one of the first, if not the first company to manufacture a device that attaches your iPhone to your guitar. I will admit to… Read More

  • For Those About To Rock, We Offer You An iPhone-Controlled Guitar

    Rob Morris just showed me this very cool gestural guitar interface that allows you to control a guitar with your iPhone. You can modify the sound by moving the guitar around (think Star Power in Guitar Hero) and you can even shred on the iPhone while the guitar twangs away. No, you can’t buy one. And Rob’s not selling his rig. Read More

  • Palmer Pocket Amp Saves You Some Heavy Lugging

    Tired of carrying your 4×12 cabinet and/or amp? No more lugging for you. The Pocket Amp from Palmer is a great solution to be a truly mobile guitarist. This little box has XLR and headphone outputs so you can do some practice on your own and hook yourself up to a PA system without having that awful sound when you connect directly. Read More

  • Review: AmpKit and AmpKit LiNK

    In the course of any guitarist’s life, there will be some point where they come into contact with a product manufactured by Peavey. And if that 80s retro logo, complete with pointy-angled letters, bestows itself upon your amp on stage it will either be a source of embarrassment or a badge of honor, depending on your design tastes and sound needs. While I took the logo off it long ago, I… Read More

  • Two DIY guitars make it easy to start your N3RDCOR3 band

    I got my Millenium Falcon six-string
    Bought it down on Tatooine
    Played ’til my fingers bled
    It was summer of ’69 Me and some guys from school
    Had a Band and we tried real hard
    Mario quit and Chewie got married
    I shoulda’ known we’d never get far Read More

  • AmpliTube iRig: Rock out with your 'Phone out!

    IK Multimedia – makers of fine Guitar and Bass modeling software, among other things – have pre-order and pricing info available for their new iRig/Amplitube combo for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. This system requires their iRig dongle in conjunction with an app on your device. I have used both their Amplitube and SVX desktop modeling software before with good results. This… Read More

  • Inspired Instruments Raises $1.25M, Lets You Rock Out On A Digital Guitar (Video)

    Inspired Instruments, makers of a portable, real-string digital guitar dubbed the You Rock Guitar, has raised $1.25 million from a number of private investors in preparation for the launch of the You Rock Guitar platform and to move forward with a line of accessories and software solutions. The company’s flagship product, the You Rock Guitar, is a mobile digital guitar and game… Read More

  • Guitar/headphone interface for iPhone

    The slew of music recording / creation apps for the iPhone all share the same weakness. They rely on the internal microphone, and a recording quality microphone it is not. The Guitarbud from PRS Guitars gives you a direct input into your iDevice without taking away headphone capability. Read More

  • I got my first real six-string/ Bought it to play Guitar Hero

    The original complaint about music games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band is that they convinced kids that playing the guitar was actually easy. A few taps, a few strums and you sounded like Jack White or Ozzy, right? Well Powergig wants to change that perception by offering a real six-string guitar that you can really play and, with the flip of a switch, you can dampen the strings and strum… Read More

  • i-tab digital tablature reader

    Its a proven fact that playing guitar will get you chicks. Unfortunately, by the time you actually put in the time to stop sucking at it, most of the chicks are gone. The i-tab will have you playing pop songs in no time, its up to you whether or not you look like a putz while doing so. Read More

  • SMASH: Electric guitar made just to get destroyed, then recycled

    I don’t know how to begin this, so I’ll get right to it: A Japanese company called K’s Japan is offering an “electric guitar” [JP] that’s just made to get destroyed. And, after you smashed the thing to bits, you can recycle it. So what we have here is a “destroyable price and recyclable system” (K’s Japan’s official tag line), which… Read More

  • Virtual guitar pedalboard interface

    If you have a friend who is a “serious” guitarist, you probably know how they love to show off their pedal collection. A dizzying array of brightly colored metal housings that more often than not, they don’t know exactly how they all work. Dave Verlee from the University of Illinois has cooked up a really cool virtual pedalboard using a wiimote and custom… Read More

  • Those about to rock, we encourage you to recompile your Linux kernel

    This crazy guitar is actually an open source MIDI system using a sexy touchscreen with multi-touch and reactive fretboard. The result? Let’s just say while you probably won’t get much cherry pie playing this thing, the guys at Information Society will definitely invite you into their trailer at the Iowa State Fair this year. Read More

  • Vox amPlug headphone amps

    It’s a well known fact of life that creativity flows better when the sun is down. The best essays are written the night before class, the best coding is done at 2 AM, and the best music is written when everyone else would rather sleep. VOX’s series of headphone amps allow you to rock out without your neighbors calling the police. Read More

  • Altec Lansing announces Rock Band speakers

    Why be a video game rockstar if you can’t hear it? Have you always wanted to put your foot on something while you power chord-ed your way to stardom? For those of you who are using the stock speakers in your TV to play Rock Band, Guitar Hero, or Harmonica Hero, first off, shame on you. Read More

  • Mellotron on a guitar

    Listen to this amazing EFX Effectology demo and tell me it’s not amazing. Essentially the guitarist, Bill Ruppert, is recreating the classic proto-sampler sound of the Mellotron with a few stompboxes and some carefully calibrated presets. The results, in the beginning, are amazing: He essentially recreated the first notes of Strawberry Fields Forever on a guitar. Click through to see how… Read More

  • iShred: To those about to rock, don't do it on the subway or next to me at the DMV

    iShred looks like an iPhone guitar app that actually looks usable, assigning chords to buttons at the top of the screen which are then played with a strum of the strings. Best of all, the system has a set of stompboxes for your amping pleasure including tremelo and looping. Overdrive, anyone? Read More

  • ‘Maestro’ guitar concept turns music files into laser-projected fretboard markings

    Ask any budding guitarist what the hardest thing about playing guitar is and you’ll likely hear, “Making my fingers go on the part where they’re supposed to go and pressing down on the string in the finger spot where the criss-crossey thing isn’t right under my finger but the flat part that doesn’t have the metal criss-cross thing there, but in between the two… Read More

  • Video Review: Eventide ModFactor and TimeFactor

    The TimeFactor and the ModFactor are two stompboxes from Eventide that I got a chance to try over the past few weeks. I love audio gear – I’m not good at using it in practice, but it’s nice to know it’s out there – so these were are kinds of fun. Read More