Guitar Hero 3

  • Activision, RedOctane feel bad about Wii disc disgrace

    Not that they really had to or anything, but Activision and RedOctane felt terribly bad about the Wii disc fiasco that they appear to be sending out care packages. It’s just a faceplate for your Wii Axe but who else would do such a thing? Anyone have to endure the pain of waiting for a remastered Guitar Hero 3 disc for their Wii? Read More

  • Apple to host Guitar Hero 3 tournaments at retail stores

    I may or may not participate when the tour comes to NYC. I’m still without axes for my copy of GH3. But I know some of you (Shanee) rock at GH so you better brush up and get ready to rumble. Winners will get prizes that probably aren’t that cool unless it’s free iPods, but I guess iTunes gift cards are okay. If you want to participate then you need to visit the… Read More

  • Guitar Hero 3 controllers in March: $60 for Wii, $70 for the real game systems

    [photopress:guitarslash.jpg,full,center] You love Guitar Hero 3, admit it. It’s so much fun, especially after a few Sparks with your friends. But if you’re like me, you don’t have the game. You get to play when you go to your friend’s houses. But man, I really want my own axe, so I was glad when it was recently announced that Activision would be releasing controllers… Read More

  • Guitar Hero 3 gets 16 new tracks

    Activion is pulling out all the stops on Guitar Hero 3. They’ve just announced 16 more tracks for the guitar wielding rock fest. I just wish I didn’t suck at it so much because Sunshine of Your Love by Cream is the shiznit. The Sonic Youth, Dead Kennedys, White Zombie, Aerosmith (!), Bloc Party, Disburbed and The Killers (why? wtf!) have joined the stacked lineup. Hit the jump for… Read More

  • Guitar Hero 3 Details Announced

    The upcoming Guitar Hero 3 is sure to be another hit in the franchise with all sorts of new features, ‘face-melting’ tracks, and controllers. The first time I played Guitar Hero I embarrassed myself and almost ran out of Best Buy crying. Anyways, the latest and greatest will be released on all major platforms with the addition of some downloadable content. A few of the key new… Read More