Guitar Hero 2

The Quest For The $400 Game

With the success of Guitar Hero 2, it was only a matter of time before some publishers and developers went “Hey…what if we did the same concept with a whole band?!” Rock Band is that

Anthrax Guitarist Can't Play His Own Song In GH2 Meet Scott Ian. You either remember him from the band Anthrax li

Real Guitar Becomes Guitar Hero Controller For Good Cause

It’s worth mentioning that if you live in the NYC-area tonight, you should come visit our pal Joel Johnson’s charity event called Funde Razor. Proceeds from the event are going to Penny Arcade’s

TAC Guitars Do Not Work With Guitar Hero 2

Just in case you were planning on buyingTAC’s Wireless V controller for Guitar Hero 2, you may want to look into purchasing an official Red Octane Guitar Hero controller instead. Reports have be

All Hail Guitar Hero 2

Fans of Guitar Hero for the PS2 rejoice, Guitar Hero 2 is coming. What’s more, the new version will now allow players to strum either rhythm, bass or lead with its intuitive Gibson SG guitar con