What happens when public SaaS companies don’t meet heightened investor expectations?

Late last week we discussed how, this deep into the earnings cycle, it appeared that public SaaS and cloud companies had largely made it through the Q2 gauntlet unscathed. Sure, through last week ther

Three SaaS companies we think will make it to $1B in revenue

It’s a good time to look back at the year and analyze a few firms that should reach the mythical $1 billion in revenue at some point.

Guidewire Hits The Public Market Running; Shares Jump 30% In Early Trading

While there were some big IPOs in 2011, Zynga and Groupon among them, <a href="">overall it was a disappointing year</a> for IPOs. Will 2012 be any dif

Insurance Technology Company Guidewire Software Files For $100M IPO

Joining recent tech companies <a href="">MobiTV</a>, <a href="