• Windows 8 Is “A Cognitive Burden”

    Windows 8 Is “A Cognitive Burden”

    It’s hard to blame Microsoft for making bold decisions with its upcoming desktop operating system. But the renamed Windows 8-style UI (or Modern UI) instead of Metro might be too great a departure from known and trusted interactions found in the previous versions of Windows. According to Raluca Budiu, User Experience Specialist with Nielsen Norman Group, who gave an interview to… Read More

  • AirSwing: Toshiba's gesture-based UI system in action (video)

    Natural user interfaces using gestures aren’t really new, but AirSwing, a technology developed by Toshiba, offers something unique: it neither requires expensive hardware nor substantial CPU resources to work. After installing AirSwing (which is in prototype stage) on your computer, all you need is just a conventional web cam as the input device to start. Read More

  • Brush up on your History of OS Interface Design

    Kids today. Growing up with OS X and Vista, it seems that they’re missing a fundamental element of working with computers: having seen them grow from nothing to what they are today. I don’t pretend to be some old-school hacker or anything, but I’m old enough to remember being bothered by having to run certain programs in Windows rather than DOS. I also remember switching… Read More

  • Alternative Android user interfaces that didn't make the cut

    Android is now available—yeah, it’s true—but you’re hard-pressed to find any review that raves about its user interface. (Ryan Block, of Engadget fame, called it “very raw” last week on Tekzilla, which is right on the money, I think.) But, in an alternate world, maybe where dogs walk people, these alternative user interfaces were developed. The… Read More

  • Android video walk-through

    MobileCrunch has a fairly detailed look at the new Android emulator. We go through all the current apps and even crash the OS a few times for good measure. See the rest of our Android coverage here. Read More

  • Video: Groaningly awful CSI hacker jargon

    We have a breach! Not only do they read “News Blog” but they know about IP addresses, a closely guarded secret among hax0rs. These CSI guys are getting pretty l33t. It’s short, but this video has to be one of the worst instances of bluff tech writing I’ve ever seen — worse than 24!

    And for your pleasure: A creative Redditor has put together an awesome… Read More

  • HTC's upcoming interface might be named 'Manila'

      Are we looking at HTC’s next GUI? Could be! It might be called “Manila” too. Doesn’t it give you goose bumps? Oh really? It didn’t give me goose bumps either. I just said that because I figured there was something wrong with my feelings again. Here’s some more info from the::unwired, I have zero information if this screenshots are legit or just a… Read More

  • ZenZui changes name to Zumobi, beta coming soon

    Way back in March there was a little murmur about the ZenZui GUI hooey. It’s a tile-based interface for Windows Mobile phones that lets you zoom in and out on web pages running off of a backend server. See the above video for a demo. Anyway, ZenZui changed its name to Zumobi and the beta is coming on December 14th. It’ll be available only on Windows Mobile devices, but there are… Read More

  • Next Firefox Version Will Look More Mac-like, Less Crap-like

    How many of you use Firefox on the Mac but hate how it looks like a Windows 3.1 application? The guys at Mozilla know this, have heard your complaints and are now doing something about it. If all goes according to plan, Firefox 3.0 will feature a much more Mac-like interface. In the meantime, one of the main developers of the new Mac build has released a preview version on his Weblog…… Read More

  • Scratch: Because Your Kid Can't Do FORTRAN

    The geniuses over at MIT have developed a new programming language that requires almost no knowledge of real languages like C++ or Java to learn. Dubbed “Scratch”, this new language is aimed at children and operates like a set of building blocks. Through a GUI, children can drag and drop, sounds, images, video, and other elements together to create a real, working program. Now… Read More

  • More Details on ZenZui Forward-Looking Mobile GUI

    about the Microsoft-funded ZenZui launch today and its noble goal to “[transform] the way people engage, consume and interact with Web content through a revolutionary mobile user experience and information ecosystem.” (Seriously, I kid you not. That’s what the release says.) Essentially, it’s a GUI that zooms in and out. The technology splits the UI into 36… Read More