Duh: Grand Theft Auto IV for the PC looks really good

Grand Theft Auto IV comes out for the PC this fall, but Rockstar’s in Leipzig showing it off at the Games Convention. It’s the same game you’ve already played to death, but running a

GTA4 stunt compilation: Do not attempt

[youtube] Don’t watch this if you don’t particularly care about GTA4 but its fun to watch the different ways you can risk life and lim

CrunchArcade: Some kid playing GTA IV live on! live video from sculay’s channel on Want to see some British kid playing Grand Theft Auto IV 100 percent LIVE? Yes!! The soon-to-be-sue

Part two of Edge's 'why you will buy GTA IV the day it comes out'

[photopress:gta4edge2.jpg,full,center] After reading part two of Edge’s interview with Rockstar’s president and GTA IV writer Sam Houser, published today, I went to the game’s Web si

Clear your schedule: Edge takes a long, fantastic look at GTA

[photopress:gtaedge1.jpg,full,center] I plan on dressing like this quite soon Do you time to read a 6,000+ word article on the making of Grand Theft Auto? Most people I know, writers included, would s