• October 20: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on Xbox Originals

    Once Monday rolls around you’ll be able to cruise around San Andreas on your Xbox 360, for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has showed up on The game, which will cost the usual 1,100 Microsoft Points ($14.99), isn’t too bad; in truth, I prefer it to the gritty realism of Grand Theft Auto IV. Plus it has that Marshall Jefferson song on one of the radio stations, embedded here… Read More

  • The new GTA is the old GTA

    Ah, the circle is completed. The GTA that we knew and fell in love with back in the ’90s is making a comeback in spirit with GTA: Chinatown Wars on the DS. Yes, the cel-shaded look is trendy but the isometric viewpoint and map/minigame screen are very suited to the DS (more natural than the Wii, apparently). Somehow I doubt it will have the same level of ultraviolence that GTA and GTA… Read More

  • Rockstar: GTA "didn't feel natural" to develop on the Wii

    Imagine: Grand Theft Auto on the Wii. Need to hail a cab? Just wave the wiimote around in the air. Tryin’ to stab a guy? Shank him with the wiimote. Taking your e-girlfriend out for burgers? Eat the wiimote. Sounds like a perfect fit, right? Rockstar doesn’t think so. In a recent Nintendo Power interview, Rockstar co-founder said that they didn’t develop a GTA game for the… Read More

  • Deal's off: Electronic Arts no longer pursuing Take Two

    Electronic Arts has “moved on,” and is no longer interested in buying Take Two Interactive, the publisher of, among of games, Grand Theft Auto IV. EA made it official sometime Sunday evening, ending the months-long back-and-forth between the two companies. Ask any gamer, and they’d tell you Electronic Arts was simply looking to buy the Grand Theft Auto brand, which, at least… Read More

  • Image Metrics Emily Project brings photo-realism to facial animation

    Facial animation made big news at SIGGRAPH earlier this month, with Image Metrics showing off their Emily Project. The process is not motion capture, so it requires no markers or special cameras. The actor simply acts and then software analyzes the images to create the animation. Since this is achieved at the pixel level, the animation looks surprisingly realistic. Image Metrics is the… Read More

  • GTA: NES See more funny videos at CollegeHumor I actually don’t recall many ultra-violent games for the NES. Am I misremembering? Read More

  • GTA: The Board Game

    Oh, MADtv, is there anything you won’t make fun of with your trademark guffawing, low-brow humor? (via NoWhereElse) Read More

  • EA extends Take-Two acquisition deadline by one month

    Flickr’d Like Microsoft with Yahoo!, EA refuses to concede defeat in its pursuit of GTA publisher Take-Two. The Redwood City, Calif.-based corp said today that it has extended its self-imposed deadline to acquire Take-Two by one month. So now we have till June 16 to read all sorts of fun stories like: “T2: You’re undervaluing our company” and “EA: No… Read More

  • Uwe Boll would love to direct a GTA movie!

    A Grand Theft Auto movie would be “super interesting” for Mr. Uwe Boll, the German director of great movies such as House of the Dead and Postal. You may remember Mr. Boll for being a giant douche in every interview he gives, up to and including this latest one with New York magazine, where he extols his love for the GTA franchise, He admits, rather caustically, that, if the game… Read More

  • GTA IV gameplay in aache dee

    GTA 4 Video (720p) – from Someone on Vimeo. I’m really wondering what happened that let R*’s crown jewel out so early. Folks have been playing this game since last Wednesday and it doesn’t launch until the 29th, a strange bit of highly professional piracy indeed. Oh well. R*’s loss is our gain as we watch hundreds of hours of HD encoded GTA in… Read More

  • Interview with Rockstar founder Sam Houser got a chance to interview Sam Houser, founder of Rockstar — the company behind a little series called “Grand Theft Auto,” which is apparently quite popular with the kids these days. Houser talks about living in New York (he’s British) and the places he finds unique and interesting, like Brighton Beach, which inspired Hove Beach in GTA. He also talks about… Read More