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Judge rules Grubhub properly classified delivery driver as independent contractor

A few months after hearing closing arguments in the Lawson v. Grubhub case, Judge Jacqueline Scott Corley has ruled Raef Lawson, the plaintiff, was indeed an independent contractor while driving and d

GrubHub made closing arguments defending 1099 independent contractor model

GrubHub was back in court today for closing arguments around the trial involving Raef Lawson, a former delivery driver for GrubHub, who is seeking a small, estimated sum of $586.56. This trial, Lawson

What you missed at the GrubHub trial about 1099 independent contractors

In a windowless, 15th-floor courtroom in downtown San Francisco this week, GrubHub has been defending its 1099 independent contractor employment model for its delivery drivers. This specific trial is

GrubHub is not a food delivery company, says COO

GrubHub COO Stan Chia took the stand today in the company's trial surrounding its practices of employing 1099 independent contractors to make deliveries. In Chia's testimony, GrubHub lawyer Theodore B

Former GrubHub employee testified drivers often complained about ‘ghost orders’

GrubHub was back in court today in San Francisco over its use of 1099 independent contractors for food delivery. Tj O'Shae, a former GrubHub W-2 employee, echoed much of what plaintiff Raef Lawson tes

Ex-GrubHub driver testifies on ‘ghost orders’ and the acceptance rate hustle

On day two of Lawson v. GrubHub, plaintiff Raef Lawson returned to the stand to testify about his experience driving for GrubHub. GrubHub is defending its practices of employing delivery drivers as 10

As trial begins, GrubHub looks to defend itself as a 1099 employer

On day one of GrubHub v. Lawson, the first-ever case to go to trial in California regarding the debate involving 1099 contractors and W-2 employees in the gig economy, lawyers for both sides presented