3 key secrets to building extraordinary teams

Developing new technology, identifying product/market fit, creating a go-to-market strategy… When building businesses, these are the types of challenges entrepreneurs tend to spend the majority of t

How do you hire a great growth marketer?

Editors Note: This article is part of a series that explores the world of growth marketing for founders.

When to ditch that nightmare customer (before they kill your startup)

Three million dollars. That’s the largest amount of money I’ve ever walked away from in terms of a customer contract that I decided we shouldn’t take. 

How to estimate a company’s health without really trying

Within the past few months, NetSuite, Marketo, LinkedIn, FleetMatics and LogMeIn have each been acquired or merged for a combined value of more than $50 billion. At this rate, public SaaS companies ma

RocketClub Lets Early Adopters Earn A Financial Stake In Startups

When a startup manages a successful exit, its earliest adopters usually don’t get much in return except for bragging rights. RocketClub wants to change that.

Twitter Sputters To 320M Monthly Active Users, Stock Drops Over 10% After Hours

The all-important topic for Twitter, and the one that Wall Street is eyeing the closest, is whether the company can scrounge up some new users to join the service. Yep, growth. This quarter last

The Magic Numbers For Startup Health

In this new age of so-called tech “unicorns” and their eye-popping valuations, it’s important to remember that not all revenue is created equal. Indeed, recent volatility in the stock market has

YC-Backed YesGraph Raises A Million To Build A Better Referral System For Mobile Apps

When launching a new consumer application, especially those in the social space, many developers today rely on an invite mechanism that has the app’s initial user base reaching out and recommend

Twitter User Growth Will Come From Asia-Pacific – Region Accounting For 40% Of Users By 2018

Figures out this morning from eMarketer estimate Twitter’s growth to continue in the double-digits through 2018, with the Asia-Pacific region playing a large part in that growth trend. Today, Tw

Flipboard Now At 56M Users, Adding 6M In One Month Since 2.0 Launch

Flipboard CEO Mike McCue took the stage at Disrupt NY 2013 today to talk about his company and the changing nature of media and publishing, and he revealed updated stats about user adoption of his com

Pocket Sees 240M Saves In 2012 From 7.4M Users, Obama And Gangnam Style Most-Saved Items

Save-for-later service Pocket reported today that it has seen 240 million total items saved to its platform during 2012, from 7.4 million followers. That represents growth of around 85 percent for the

Foundation: Tony Hsieh On Building A Great Company Culture

In this new episode of my <a target="_blank" href="">Foundation</a> video series, I talk with <a target="_blank" href="">Zappos </a>founder <a target="_blank

Netflix Hits 30 Million Members After Q3 Subscriber Growth “Forecasting Error”

Netflix announced today that it now has more than 30 million members streaming content via its video service. That's a lot of uses who've opted for on-demand, digitally delivered content. Netflix had

Solar industry creating jobs, not just juice

<img src="" />It appears that there may be a recession proof industry after all. The Solar Energies Industry Association just releas

Apple's growth leading to bad customer service?

It must be tough being Steve Jobs. Mr. Jobs, CEO of a company called Apple (AAPL), that makes computers and iPods, is having a hard time keeping all of his customers happy. And that’s what&#8217