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Vulfpeck Releases An Album Of Absolute Silence On Spotify To Make Money

Funk band Vulfpeck is showing everyone what growth hacking is all about — exploiting weaknesses to promote your work. The band recently released a new album on Spotify called Sleepify. It consis

When Growth Hacking Goes Bad

Andreessen Horowitz-backed music lyrics and annotations Rap Genius was the latest to stray over to the darker side of so-called "growth hacking," with its <a href="

eBay’s PayPal Acquires IronPearl To Fuel Growth Beyond 123M Users

About a month ago, I wrote about a stealthy company called IronPearl, led by Stan Chudnovsky and James Currier. They were growth hackers before the word “growth hacker” even existed. In f

Fandrop Debuts A Digg-Like Service For Viral Media, Hacks Its Way To Over 1 Million Pageviews Monthly

<a target="_blank" href="">Fandrop</a>, a new content sharing site started by a group of growth hackers, is debuting today to help you find out what's trending across the web. T

Chamath Palihapitiya On Growth Hacking And How To Create A Sustainable User Acquisition Engine

Last fall, Udemy co-founder Gagan Biyani and Wildfire's Erin Turner held the first <a target="_blank" href="">Growth Hackers Conference</a>, in which executives, ent

Defining A Growth Hacker: Debunking The 6 Most Common Myths About Growth Hacking

<b>Editor's note:</b> <em>Aaron Ginn is currently Head of Growth at <a target="_blank" href="">StumbleUpon</a>. </em> More and more startups are looking to hire growth ha