• Chrome Is Gaining Desktop Notifications

    Things are really starting to get busy in the world of Chromium. Yesterday, we noted how the latest developer builds of Chrome were now Snow Leopard-ready. Today brings some other interesting news. It looks like Chrome is about to gain a new built-in feature called Desktop Notifications. An overview document was recently placed in the Design Documents are of the Chromium Developers site. Read More

  • The random endorsement: Nifty little Mac apps

    [photopress:endorse021308.jpg,full,right] Back to tech today. Well, software. Whatever. It was raining hard and windy and I dropped my umbrella in a garbage by accident earlier. I’m not kidding*. Today I’m giving a “shout out” to some the smaller Mac apps that make my life a little easier. Small apps, not the big obvious ones like iTunes or Firefox. Aurora, Unison… Read More