Degreed gets $42M to help build a tool to help employees learn the right skills

When an employee is looking to advance in their career, where they work might have a kind of strict hierarchical path for the role they’re in and what titles come next — but there’s a go

HR 2.0 is the poster child for the next wave of SaaS innovation

The path for SaaS domination of a market segment has historically followed one of two routes: bringing previously offline workflows online, or moving on-premise software processes online. In short, Sa

Grovo Raises $40M To Deliver Employee Training With Quick, Digestible Content

Grovo, a company offering “micro-learning” content and related technology/services to help businesses train their employees, has raised $40 million in Series C funding. The round was le

Grovo Raises $15M More To Help Businesses Train Their Employees With Bite-Sized Videos

Grovo, which offers a video-training platform used by customers like Arizona State University and Chevron, has raised $15 million in Series B funding. When we wrote about the company back in 2011,

How-Tos: Entrepreneurs Talk Customer Acquisition, Social Media & More In New Video Series

Building on their education and training video platform for startups and SMBs, <a href="">Grovo</a> is today launching an "Expert Series" that aims to "shed light on the evolving

Grovo: Video Training Platform Grabs Funding To Help Startups Educate Their Users

<img src="" /> Considering that the Web is changing and evolving every single day, the learning curve for newcom