• Popset Makes Group Photo-Sharing Easy, Export To Facebook Even Easier

    Popset Makes Group Photo-Sharing Easy, Export To Facebook Even Easier

    Popset, a new mobile app from the current Winter 2012 batch of Y Combinator startups, is a way for groups of friends to privately share photos. Oh what, you’ve heard that one before? Yes, it’s true – mobile photo-sharing is a crowded space. However, there hasn’t been a de facto leader established in the particular category Popset is after: sharing photos in private… Read More

  • GROU.PS Lets You Create Your Own Private Facebook

    GROU.PS Lets You Create Your Own Private Facebook

    Social groupware platform GROU.PS just introduced several new features, the most notable of which is a Facebook template called “theBook” that lets you create your own private network with the same look and feel as Facebook. According to GROU.PS founder Emre Sokullu, the use of the template has already increased the engagement rates within groups by over 50%. Read More

  • Organizing Offline: Zenergo Launches Social Network For Real World Activities

    Who needs another social network? Maybe you, friend. Admittedly, the social networking space is packed with so many players, it makes the mind reel. Across the Web, it seems like a new social network is born (and dies) every day. There are niche social networking sites for everything you can imagine. The knitting and crochet community has one, as do gamers, pet-lovers, and bowlers. Some of… Read More

  • Wowd Filters Your Facebook Friends For You With SmartFeeds

    When Mark Zuckerberg launched the new Facebook Groups earlier this month, he noted that the problem with making people create groups of friends manually is that “almost no one wants to make lists.” Facebook is taking a social approach to solving this problem by letting your friends add you to groups themselves. Realtime search startup Wowd is taking an algorithmic approach to… Read More

  • GROU.PS Buys Social Project From MTV Networks

    DIY social network platform GROU.PS has just announced that it has acquired Social Project from MTV Networks. As part of the deal, GROU.PS will only be acquiring Social Project’s company and its users; and MTV will continue to own Social Project’s Flux social media publishing technology. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. Similar to GROU.PS, Social Project let users… Read More

  • Use iTunes and Facebook? Free music!

    Just a quick tip to help you get the most free music out of your day. Looks like you can get some free iTMS songs just by joining a group on Facebook. Search for “ticketmaster live”, join the group, redeem your songs and then leave the group (or stay) and you’re done. You are now officially five songs richer. 5 Free iTunes songs for Facebook Users [MM] UPDATE: You can… Read More

  • Join Our Facebook Group

    Why? I don’t know! But I’m sure we’ll have a blast. Facebook Group Read More

  • Create Your Own MVNO With Sonopia

    This idea may seem a bit bold at first, but with the right execution, it could end up being a smash hit. Sonopia has purchased minutes and service from Verizon and will now let you create a personalized MVNO. No need to deal with companies like Sprint or Helio anymore — now you’re the boss. You can build plans, add services, and have friends, groups, or whoever you want join in. Read More