Grouper Talks Competition, Partnerships, And Why Group Dates Offer Built-In Credibility

<a target="_blank" href="">Grouper</a> has been around since 2011, breaking into the world of online dating by forcing a group situation. The service matches

Now In 20 Cities, Grouper Brings On-Demand Group Dates To The iPhone

Since graduating from Y Combinator in 2012, <a target="_blank" href="">Grouper</a> has been on a mission to help busy, overworked young people get away from the glow of com

Uber Partners With Grouper So Blind Date Goers Can Ride In Style

On-demand car service <a target="_blank" href="">Uber</a> is teaming up with online social club <a target="_blank" href="">Grouper</a>, the <a target="_

Grouper Teams Up With Airbnb & Hipmunk To Offer Engineers & Designers A Free “Hackation” In New York

Great design and developer talent is, as so many know, hard to come by. So online social club Grouper <a target="_blank" href="">is launching what it calls a "Hack

YC Alum Grouper Launches In 10 Cities To Bring You A Better Way To Meet New People

There are a lot of dating sites out there and the world doesn't really need another one. That's why the young, New York-based startup, <a target="_blank" href="">Grouper</a

Groupon Acquires Its Way Into Israel, South Africa And India

<img src="" class="shot2" /> <a href="">Groupon</a> is determined to launch

Grouper Goes Hollywood

Grouper’s completely scrapping their old site and being reborn as Crackle. The new site aims to discover the top online video talent for their parent company, Sony, by offering producers the cha

Sony's Grouper Picks Fight With Searchles

This morning Grouper sent social search engine Searchles a C&D letter and, of course, it was published to the web. Here’s Searchles’ response. Grouper doesn’t like Grouper videos

Grouper Just Says "No" To Kenny G

Grouper, which won the acquisition lottery last year and is now part of Sony, is beginning to take down user videos with copyrighted content. The Grouper blog post discussing the policy says music fro

Universal Music files suit against Grouper,

On the day of the Google/YouTube acquisition, YouTube announced a licensing deal with Universal Music. Apparently, Grouper and didn’t get the memo. Universal Music has come out swinging

Grouper Targets the Corner Store: Remember That $65m Video Acquisition?

Grouper, the video sharing site Sony bought in August for $65 million, is announcing a partnership this morning with mass market video camera company Pure Digital. Starting in November, Pure Digital c

Wow – Grouper Sells for $65 million

Sony Pictures is announcing the acquisition of online video startup Grouper tonight, Tuesday, at midnight EST. The acquisition price, confirmed by Grouper, was $65 million in cash. Our previous covera

Grouper lets video viewers leave video comments

Grouper, a video sharing site we’ve covered a number of times before, has launched a very cool new feature that could disrupt the crowded world of online video sharing. Viewers can now add their

Grouper Kung Fu Action (Humor)

As I’ve written many times before, the online video space is getting fairly….ahem…crowded (more). One company in the space, Grouper, is dealing with the competitive heat through humo

More Video Tools – Grouper V2.0 Rocks

As I continue my journey to find the flickr of videos, I may have found the (near) perfect product – version 2 of Grouper which launches tonight. Grouper is only available for windows and requir

Comparing The Flickrs of Video

I’ve been tracking a number of sites that offer flickr-like services for video. I’ve taken a look at as many of these services that I could find. The most well known is YouTube, which we p