Crunch Report | GoPro releases the new Karma Drone

GoPro releases the new Karma drone, Nikon launches 3 new action cams, Twitter makes changes looking for new users, Lyft outlined some of its ideas for autonomous driving, and Foundry Group raises $500

Twitter Adds Group DMs, Mobile Video Capture And Editing

Twitter has added the ability to Direct Message with more than one person at a time, meaning you can now have private group conversations on the service. They’re also rolling out the ability to

Jigglist Lets You Find Places For Meetups Without Leaving Your Group Chat

Jigglist is a group chat app centered around finding places to go that are appropriate for the group that will attend.

Aggregift Turns Anything On Amazon Into A Crowdfunded, Group Gift

A new gifting startup called <a target="_blank" href="">Aggregift</a> is launching an entirely new way to purchase goods on Amazon. The company, which has been quietly runni