Braid aims to untangle pooling money with friends

Group-financing platform Braid is trying to make transactions work for various entities, from shared households to side hustles to creative projects.

WhatsApp copies Telegram to add one-way ‘broadcast’ mode to group chats

“Good artists borrow great artists steal” is a phrase that Facebook seems acutely aware of. It’s common to speak of Instagram, the Facebook-owned photo-app-now-social-network, borrow

Crunch Report | GoPro releases the new Karma Drone

GoPro releases the new Karma drone, Nikon launches 3 new action cams, Twitter makes changes looking for new users, Lyft outlined some of its ideas for autonomous driving, and Foundry Group raises $500

Twitter Adds Group DMs, Mobile Video Capture And Editing

[youtube] Twitter has added the ability to Direct Message with more than one person at a time, meaning you can now have private group co

Jigglist Lets You Find Places For Meetups Without Leaving Your Group Chat

Jigglist is a group chat app centered around finding places to go that are appropriate for the group that will attend.

Aggregift Turns Anything On Amazon Into A Crowdfunded, Group Gift

A new gifting startup called <a target="_blank" href="">Aggregift</a> is launching an entirely new way to purchase goods on Amazon. The company, which has been quietly runni