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Facebook’s Workplace, now at 30,000 orgs, adds Chat desktop apps and group video chat

It’s been once year since Workplace, Facebook’s social network designed specifically for businesses and other organizations, came out of beta to take on the likes of Slack, Atlassian, Micr

Forget Spectacles, group messaging is Snapchat’s most important launch in 2016

There was no fanfare and pizzazz, but Snapchat yesterday quietly shipped a new feature that could kill off other messaging apps and obstruct upcoming social startups.

Rumr, Group Messaging With An Anonymous Twist, Launches On iOS And Android

Say hey to rumr, a new messaging app that's vying to draw your attention away from all the other ways to say hey already in play. Rumr has been in the works for around half a year, raising an $800,000

TigerText Disposes Of 'Sender's Remorse' With New Privacy And Control Features For SMS

<img src="" /></a> <a href="">TigerText</a>, a company that adds a bevy of privacy settings and controls to SMS

Another Group Messaging App At SXSW 2011 – Grouped{in}

Group Text/Messaging is all the rage at SXSW 2011. One app in the genre that’s making its debut this week is Appconomy’s Grouped{in}. Just getting its app store approval on Friday, Grouped

TechCrunch's Group SMS Service Round-Up

Marshall Kirkpatrick, our weird cousin from TechCrunch who beats us up when we see him at Easter has written up a nice article detailing the selection different group SMS services that have been poppi