Cockroach + cockroach house = disgusting keychain holder

<img src="" /> You know when a country, in this case Japan, is over-saturated with gadgets when it produces things like this: a keychai

Gross Panasonic remote recalls Cronenberg's "Existenz"

This very strange-looking Panasonic remote reminds me of the computers they stroke in Existenz. I couldn’t find the clip, so here’s where Jude law finds a bone-gun in his soup. The idea of

Not iPhone: Cardboard toilet doubles as a sturdy stool

Here’s a cardboard toilet. It’s called the Shit Box. I’m happy that it appears to only be available in the UK, brought to you by The Brown Corporation (get it?). The outfit’s tagline is “a s

Think you're a big man? Prove it and get an EYEBALL TATTOO

Bodymodding isn’t really in the CG purview usually (I don’t even like the word bodymod) but we felt compelled to report this. A Mr. Pauly Unstoppable decided to have the white part of his

Holy gargantuan monkey goats!

Gah! Gah! Gah! Man’s Skin Turns Dark Blue [Spluch]

Hands on with Fujitsu's vein-scanning mouse

This is totally gross. I was walking by the Fujitsu booth when I saw the vein-scanning PalmSecure mouse that uses the veins in your hand to log you into a PC. I figured it wouldn’t look that bad

Q: Pizza Vending Machine — Pinnacle of Civilization or Depths or Depravity? (A: Both)

, there is a line between easy and greasy, and we’re afraid the Pizza Vending Machine has crossed it. On the surface, it’s a fine concept: pop in a few bucks, and 2 or 3 minutes later, you

Stain Detector Helps Detect Grody, Invisible Stains

While it’s being marketed as a tool to help you find hidden stains so you can make your pad smell better, we know it’s really so you can all play CSI at home. The Stain Detector Light uses