• Kapost Raises $1.1 Million To Help Publishers Manage An Army Of Contributors

    Earlier this year we wrote about Grogger, a CMS that would allow blogs to crowdsource their content. That product didn’t work out — publishers didn’t want to have to change to a new CMS — but the company has now pivoted to tackle a related problem, and it’s got a new name: Kapost. Today the company is announcing that it’s closed a $1.1 million Series A… Read More

  • Grogger: A New Platform That Lets You Crowdsource Your Blog's Content

    Looking at blogs and news sites across the web, it’s clear that many have robust communities with eager, intelligent people looking to contribute. But up until recently, the only way most sites (particularly blogs) allow users to share their thoughts is through comments, which work well enough, but certainly aren’t always perfect. Grogger is a new service that looks to help sites… Read More