Traeger’s latest pellet grill features improved hood (yay) and a touchscreen (nay)

Traeger’s latest pellet smoker brings welcomed innovations to a new price point. The company just unveiled its latest Ironwood design, which offers a handful of features that debuted on the more

Extend banks $40M to bring a new approach to the old game of extended warranties

Extended warranties — those offers to add an extra year or two to an existing product warranty to give you a little more peace of mind in case something goes wrong with something you’ve pu

Former Apple designer turns to grills

If you’re in the market for a nice-looking grill but you aren’t too keen on spending thousands of dollars, Fuego’s new “Element” series might be more to your liking. Taking some features fro

It's on! Holyfield to take on Foreman with new grill!

Of all the gadgets I own, one I absolutely cannot live without is my George Foreman Lean Green Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine, aka the George Foreman Grill. It’s the butt of many jokes, sure, but

Great Outdoors: Grilling for Geeks

Technology seems to improve rapidly as time goes by. Think back to fifteen years ago – ah yes, I can still remember my IBM PS/1. I was drawn to it by its sexy Windows 3.1 operating system and of all

Take The Grill on the Road

I’m a barbecue geek. For me, there’s nothing better than cooking my own ginormous slabs of meat over a grill. And I do it in geek fashion, I don’t read any pesky recipes, I just figu