• What is a smart mirror and why do so many companies think you want one?

    What is a smart mirror and why do so many companies think you want one?

    CES 2017 wasn’t the year of the smart mirror – but it was hard to ignore the things lurking about around the edges of the show. The phenomenon has been around for a while now, mostly as concept or Arduino-driven DIY projects, but manufacturers have clearly seen the rise of the smart home as an opportunity to really push the concept toward mainstream acceptance. Introduced at the… Read More

  • Smart toasters are here

    Smart toasters are here

    My favorite thing, hands down, about the Griffin Connected Toaster is the slider on the app. On one side is an icon of a white piece of bread. On the other, is one that’s all black. Sure, a smart toaster is the epitome of connected appliance ridiculousness, but there’s something to be said for being able to micromanage the level of bread toastedness to such a microscopic level. It… Read More

  • Griffin’s $20 device retrofits headphones with Bluetooth

    Griffin’s $20 device retrofits headphones with Bluetooth

    Are we moving toward a headphone jack-free future? Motorola recently fired the first warning shots with its Moto Z handset, and Apple is widely expected to follow suit in a week or so when most anticipate the arrival of a new iPhone. Peripheral maker Griffin has one of the more cost-effective solutions to what could prove a major growing pain for a number of users — one that… Read More

  • Incipio acquires Griffin, adding yet another accessory maker to its portfolio

    Incipio acquires Griffin, adding yet another accessory maker to its portfolio

    Incipio just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Shortly after after announcing that it had acquired up budget headphone maker Skullcandy, the Irvine-based accessories conglomerate has picked up Griffin for an undisclosed amount. The Nashville mobile peripheral manufacturer will join an sizable brand portfolio that already includes Incase, Braven, ClamCase and Incipio’s own titular… Read More

  • Square And Griffin Debut An Integrated Merchant Case And Holder For iPhones And Readers, Will Create More Accessories For Sellers

    Square And Griffin Debut An Integrated Merchant Case And Holder For iPhones And Readers, Will Create More Accessories For Sellers

    Last year, Square debuted Stand, a piece of hardware that turns a merchant’s iPad into a card-swiping register. The idea was to provide a simple and elegant way to allow merchants to accept Square for credit card processing and swiping via their iPad. In news announced today at CES, Square is extending this ease of use to iPhone users of its card readers, via a new partnership with… Read More

  • Griffin’s Beacon Lets You Channel Surf From Your Android Device

    Griffin’s Beacon Lets You Channel Surf From Your Android Device

    A handful of new Android tablets can take control of your television thanks to their built-in IR blasters, but Griffin has just come through with a solution for those of you stuck with less versatile hardware. Enter the Beacon, a standalone IR transmitter that helps turn your Android device into a remote control. Setting up the Beacon itself is pretty straightforward — just pop in four… Read More

  • Griffin begins shipping TuneFlex AUX (just another iPod accessory)

    I’m not sure how many of you have an auxiliary port on your deck and I suspect most new car stereos do these days but if you don’t then you’ll want to skip this post. Griffin has now announced that their new TuneFlex AUX charger/controller/car mount for iPods is now shipping. It’s simple, really. Read More

  • Review: Griffin Simplifi iPod/iPhone Dock with built-in Card Reader/USB Hub

    Short version: Don’t buy it at the MSRP of 70 bucks, but for around $40 bucks around the internets, it’s a great alternative to Apple’s own dock. You lose the audio line-out, but you gain an extra USB 2.0 port and a 6-in-1 card reader. Read More

  • Review: Griffin PowerDock 4

    Short Version: Are you an iFamily? Got lots of iDevices between you, your iDo, and maybe some iKids? Is your house sooooo big that it’s just too much trouble to walk to where your computer is to charge said iGadgets? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Griffin PowerDock 4 is 4U. If you are Brady-sized, you will need two of these. Read More

  • Review: Griffin AirCurve

    Short Version: An iPod amp that sounds great – until you try to use it. Read More

  • Joel Johnson reviews the Griffin AirCurve
    Griffin AirCurve Dock Review from Joel on Vimeo. Griffin has been putting out some wonky stuff lately and, as we see from Joel’s review of the AirCurve dock, the wonk is getting critical. This thing “acoustically”… Read More

  • Review: Griffin Clarifi iPhone 3G case

    I’m not the type of person who puts stuff in protective cases. I feel it’s like putting one of those leather bra things on the hood of your car; sure, it’ll protect the front of your car from rocks on the freeway, keeping it in perfect shape for when you sell it – but in the meantime, you’ve still got a funky looking leather bra thing on the hood of your… Read More

  • Griffin Airbase: the first Airport range extender designed specifically for the foolish and credulous

    The problem with radio waves is that they just can’t seem to pass through things. That’s why I maintain a direct line of sight to my wireless router at all times — even when I’m not using it! And with this range extender for my Airport Express, now I can make my router higher up and more visible in the room — because that’s why I bought a wireless… Read More

  • Griffin's Simplifi iPod dock simplifies your desk

    There is nothing that I enjoy more than gadgets that clean up my desk. Nothing, and the Griffin’s Simplifi combines an iPod/iPhone dock along with a CF, Memory Stick, SD, and xD card reader, along with two powered USB ports. Great! Love it! And I’ll spend the $69 for it! If want it too, it’s out now. Read More

  • iTrip Auto has a new look, still just as useful

    Word “got out” a few days ago that Griffin has revised its iTrip line of FM transmitters for the iPod. First up was the iTrip Universal, which, shockingly, works with any device with a 3.5mm audio jack. Second up is the iTrip Auto, which is being showed off right now at IFA in Berlin. Griffin says it’s been redesigned from “the ground up,” which is fair to say. Read More

  • Griffin’s new iTrip could save a low-tech party from bad music

    This always seems to happen to me: I go to a party and find that the host has horrible taste in music. It’s usually hair bands form the 80’s or something like that. Since I am not afraid to voice my opinion, I tell them that no one likes this music. After the rest of the guests back me up, they usually tell me to put on whatever I want. This is where the problem starts. I have no… Read More

  • Meet the new iPhone accessories, same as the old iPhone accessories

    Griffin Technology just released a gaggle of “3G iPhone” accessories, which, considering the minute changes in form factor, is basically a marketing play. To keep your sweet phone safe they have a $40 Nu Form case and to talk to your friends and neighbors there’s the SmartTalk headphone converter ($20) and TuneBuds ($30) ear buds. Finally, you have the Streamline armband. Read More

  • Griffin prepped for iPhone 3G with four cases, more to come

    They might not be new in the product line, but Griffin is prepared with redesigns of their popular Wave, Nu Form, Elan Form and Elan Clip cases for the iPhone 3G. All cases are priced at $24.99 except the Elan Form, which is priced at $29.99. All cases will be available on the Griffin site by end of the month. Apple stores will be stocked on July 11. I think I like the Nu Form the most. Read More

  • Griffin molding iPhone 3G cases?

    At this point I couldn’t care if the damn 3G iPhone sports a prehensile tail and can carry a family of five to mars, but just in case you cared, Griffin is apparently already molding silicone cases for some sort of next gen iPhone with a front camera. Woot. Read More

  • Mea Culpa: The ClearBoost case does something

    Peter and I just did a little test with the Griffin ClearBoost case on an unadulterated AT&T iPhone. The results, while far from conclusive, showed that with the case on and your hand over the antenna, near the bottom of the unit, the ClearBoost case allowed the phone to maintain a fairly strong signal. This does not mean you’ll have better call quality or faster Internet, per se… Read More