• Survey: 36% Of U.S. Adults "Not Concerned" With Electronics Power Consumption

    Adults in the U.S. could use a little more education on economics and physics, it seems. We’re not drawing the connection between power consumed by our electronics and the cost of our electric bills. A new survey from the Consumer Electronics Association found thirty six percent of adults in the U.S. are “not concerned” with the amount of power consumed by their gadgets, gear… Read More

  • Grid2Home Raises $2.6 Million To Help Smart Devices And Power Suppliers Communicate

    On Tuesday, a San Diego-based startup Grid2Home raised $2.6 million in a new round with its previous investors, Granite Ventures according to a new SEC filing. The company sells integration software and systems to: semiconductor manufacturers, smart device makers, utilities and automotive companies, currently. Its technology ensures that grid-connected devices — like smart home meters… Read More

  • Grid2Home Funded by Granite Ventures

    Grid2Home, a “smart grid” technology startup in San Diego, obtained a round of seed funding from Granite Ventures, the company announced today. Grid2Home’s software and solutions enable smart appliances, energy meters, electric vehicles and the like to communicate with power systems, and thereby operate more energy efficiently. Read More