• ValueClick To Acquire Mobile Ad Network Greystripe

    The value of mobile advertising networks is well established at Google and Apple: Google bought Admob for $750 million and Apple bought Quattro Wireless for $275 million. So far though the independent ad networks have stayed on the sideline. Until now. A source tell us that ValueClick (NASDAQ: VCLK) has acquired mobile advertising network Greystripe for $75 million in cash. Greystripe has… Read More

  • Greystripe's Flashy iOS Ads Help Boost Mobile Ad Network's Revenue By 400 Percent

    Mobile ad network Greystripe launched its workaround to bring Flash-like ads to iOS devices last year, with the hope that advertisers who still want to use Flash-based ads would choose the network’s format over Apple’s iAd format. It looks like Greystripe’s proprietary Lightning Technology could pay off for the network. The mobile ad network’s Flash-based revenue in… Read More

  • Greystripe Brings Rich Media Ad Formats To The Mobile Web

    Mobile advertising network Greystripe is moving into new territory today, expanding its platform to allow advertisers to reach users on the mobile web. Greystripe, which has until now offered in-app advertising on the iPhone, iPad, Android and Java platforms, is bringing its Flash-like ads to the mobile web. Greystripe has already partnered with a number of advertisers, such as Sprint and… Read More

  • Greystripe: Developer Sign-Ups Doubled Following Apple's New Ad Network Policy

    Following the drama of Apple’s new developer licensing agreement a few weeks ago, independent mobile ad network Greystripe is reporting double the number of developer sign ups to its network. According to the new terms of the agreement, only “independent” ad-serving companies will be able to serve ads, possibly ruling out Google’s AdMob, one of the largest mobile ad… Read More

  • Exit To Nowhere: The Conundrum Of Being An Independent Mobile Ad Network Under Apple's Rules

    A look at Apple’s new developer licensing agreement a few days ago revealed that the Cupertino-based company may have just completely blocked Google’s AdMob from serving ads on the iPhone and iPad. According to the new terms of the agreement, only “independent” ad-serving companies will be able to serve ads. AdMob, because it’s “an advertising service… Read More

  • Greystripe And Adobe Partner To Bring Flash Ads To The iPhone And iPad. Sort Of.

    The ongoing battle between Adobe and Apple over the lack of support for Flash on the iPhone and iPad has been entertaining to say the least. Adobe has been candid about what they think of Apple’s policy, and in turn, Steve Jobs has been open about his thoughts on Flash. But in the end, Flash is still not supported on Apple’s iPhone and iPad. Today, Adobe is partnering with mobile… Read More

  • Mobile Ad Network Greystripe Rolls Out New Rich Media Banner Formats

    Greystripe, an ad network that has been known for its full screen rich media ad formats that bring Flash-like technologies in their iPhone advertisements, is expanding its library of ad formats today. The ad network now offers advertisers a full range of in-application banner ads in a variety of formats, including including static, animated and expandable-to-full screen rich media ads for… Read More

  • Mobile Advertising Network Greystripe Brings Its iFlash Ads To The iPad

    Although the iPad apparently lacks Flash, that doesn’t mean that rich media won’t be able to function on the device. Yesterday, we heard that Brightcove will stream video in an HTML5 video player as opposed to a Flash unit. And today, Greystripe is announcing that it will be bringing its rich media iFlash ad units to the iPad in May. Greystripe has been allowing advertisers to… Read More

  • Greystripe Extends Ad Network To Nokia's Ovi Store

    On the heels of the surprising news that Nokia’s Ovi Store delivers one million downloads per day, mobile ad network Greystripe is announcing support for Nokia’s very own app store. Although Greystripe supported Java downloads before, this is the first time they will be supporting Java apps in the Ovi store. The Ovi Store is the centralized application shop for programs fit for… Read More

  • Greystripe And Tribal Fusion See Success With Web-To-Mobile Ad Campaigns

    Mobile ad network Greystripe recently partnered with ad placement service Tribal Fusion to allow online ads to run on iPhones, diminishing the need for mobile specific ad formats. The partnership allows online ads to run on iPhones, eliminating additional mobile campaign creative production and dealing with an additional mobile advertising vendor. And of course, online ad budgets tend to be… Read More

  • Greystripe Launches Ads For Android

    Mobile advertising network Greystripe is rolling out its ad formats for the Android this morning, offering Android app developers with an an Android SDK and an opportunity to monetize their applications. Greystripe, which has delivered ads into over 300 million ad-supported games and applications on the iPhone and Java platform, says that with the success of its ads on iPhone apps, it… Read More

  • iPhone Ad Network Greystripe Rolls Out Guaranteed Download Program

    There continue to be conflicting views as to whether iPhone developers actually make money from ads on the iPhone. One issue is that free app developers who advertise in games end up paying on a CPC basis, in which the click takes the visitor to the App Store. But often times the actual download doesn’t take place, so the developer is left paying for clicks that don’t produce… Read More

  • Study Reveals More Details About The iPhone Mom

    A few months ago, we wrote about mobile ad network Greystripe’s study that placed “iPhone moms” (mothers of young children who own iPhones) as one of the new and growing mobile advertising demographics on the street. In August, Greystripe claimed that iPhone moms made up 29.5% of all iPhone users. Today, the ad network is releasing a follow-up report which offers… Read More

  • Mobile Ad Network Greystripe Gets A $2 Million Infusion From NBC Universal

    Greystripe, the mobile brand and game advertising network has secured $2 million in an extended series C funding round from General Electric and NBC Universal’s Peacock Equity Fund. The startup originally raised $5.5 million in the series C round in March from Disney’s Steamboat Ventures, Incubic Venture Capital and <a href=" Greystripe has raised… Read More

  • Is The iPhone Mom The New Soccer Mom?

    According to a recent study done by mobile ad network Greystripe, there’s a relatively new mobile advertising demographic on the street: iPhone moms. Similar to the “soccer moms” demographic, iPhone moms could be a new consumer segment that has vast potential for advertisers and app developers. Greystripe says that “iPhone moms,” which constitute women (with… Read More

  • Google's Mobile AdSense For iPhone and Android Apps Now In Public Beta

    Google is moving into the mobile ad market with AdSense for mobile apps. Over the past few months, Google has been testing both text and graphical ads with ten mobile app developers, including Shazam and Urbanspoon. Today it is opening the private beta to more developers who meet certain criteria. These are contextual ads for iPhone and Android apps. To qualify for the public beta, the apps… Read More

  • Greystripe Ups The Ante In The iPhone Ad Network Wars, Launches Guaranteed CPM Program

    There have been questions as to whether iPhone developers can make significant revenue from ads on the iPhone, mainly because the supply of advertisers can’t keep up with the demand for iPhone apps. Others say that developers actually can make quite a bit from ads on free apps. Mobile game advertising network Greystripe is in that camp and it is launching a new CPM Protection Program… Read More

  • Ad Network Greystripe Receives $5.5 Million In Series C Funding

    Mobile game advertising network Greystripe secured $5.5 million in Series C funding led by Incubic Venture Capital, Steamboat Ventures and Monitor Ventures. The company previously received a total of $10.1 million in Series A and B funding, with the same investors participating. Greystripe develops “advergames,” mobile ads that have game-like characteristics designed to increase… Read More

  • Greystripe Hits 140 Million Mobile "AdverGame" Downloads

    Mobile game ad network Greystripe has hit 140 million ad-supported game downloads thanks to iPhone users. In the fourth quarter of 2008 alone, it supported 30 million downloads. All of these ad-supported and Greystripe says that over 50 percent of ad impressions are from iPhone games. The ads themselves have game-like characteristics designed to increase teh chances of consumers clicking… Read More

  • Greystripe Monetizing iPhone Games With Ad Platform

    The current iPhone App Store revenue share model – a 70/30 split for the sale of apps, generally in the $0.99-$9.99 range – doesn’t exactly reward developers for producing addictive games. Greystripe, an advertising network for mobile games, has stepped in to compensate developers for every time their games are played, not just for when those games are initially… Read More