• The Pandora-Elevation Deal that Never Closed and a Mid-2011 IPO?

    The Pandora-Elevation Deal that Never Closed and a Mid-2011 IPO?

    Back in August we reported that Elevation Partners had signed a letter of intent to buy secondary shares in Pandora, the long-suffering, now-hot online radio station. I wondered what ever happened to that deal, so I started digging. As it turned out, shares were sold but Elevation didn’t get them. Here’s what we’ve been able to piece together, from several sources on… Read More

  • Will the Real "eBay of Social" Please Stand Up? (TCTV)

    In the venture business being ahead of your time can be almost as bad as being late to a market. But the other great thing about the venture business is there are exceptions to every rule. Craig Donato is hoping that Oodle is the exception to that one. He’s spent more than ten years building a social classified company, powering the marketplaces for, MySpace and Facebook… Read More

  • Reid Hoffman Bristles Being Called a VC, Answers Reader Questions Anyway [TCTV]

    Reid Hoffman was my guest on Ask a VC this week, although he still considers himself more of an entrepreneur than a VC and did the call from LinkedIn, not Greylock. Oh well at least the question asking and answering was as advertised. Among the questions he answered were who Facebook’s biggest competitive threat would be, why Google has failed in two attempts to build a social platform… Read More

  • Stealth Startup Proferi Raises $6.3 Million From Andreessen Horowitz, Duffield, and Greylock

    Stealth startup Proferi closed a $6.3 million Series A funding today. Investors include Andreessen Horowitz, PeopleSoft and Workday founder Dave Duffield, and Greylock Partners, who led the round. Aneel Bhusri, a Greylock partner and co-founder of Workday, will join the board, along with Duffield and Ben Horowitz. Proferi was founded by Romanian entrepreneur Christian Gheorghe. Proferi… Read More

  • DNS Service Provider OpenDNS Gets A $4.5 Million Injection

    According to an SEC filing, DNS service provider OpenDNS has raised more capital, $4.5 million to be specific. We’ve confirmed the additional financing with the company and learned that this was an inside round handled by Sequoia Capital and Greylock Partners (they took a stake in the company in July 2009). Chief executive David Ulevitch (see this SFGate profile for more about the man)… Read More

  • David Sze: Not Investing In Twitter Was The Mistake On Our Wall Of Shame

    Today, during our¬†TechCrunch Disrupt conference in San Francisco, Mike Arrington and Erick Schonfeld sat down with LinkedIn founder (and investor) Reid Hoffman and Greylock’s David Sze to talk a bit about investing. The big news was that¬†Greylock was giving Hoffman a new $20 million seed fund. But the duo had some other interesting things to say. When Mike asked how both Sze and… Read More

  • An Angel Goes Pro: Reid Hoffman Now Officially A Venture Capitalist At Greylock

    LinkedIn’s founder Reid Hoffman will be joining Greylock Partners as a partner but will continue to hold the role as executive chairman of LinkedIn. Hoffman tells us that he will be shifting his angel investing under Greylock Partners, where he will be a partner. Greylock has also closed Greylock XIII, a $575 million fund, which will be used to invest in and support promising enterprise… Read More

  • PLYmedia Said To Raise $6 Million From Greylock And Elron

    Web video startup PLYmedia recently raised a round of $6 million to $6.5 million, according to a source with knowledge of the deal. The funding has not yet been announced, but the investors are believed to be Greylock and Elron Electronic Industries, an Israeli holding company. (In fact, Elron already disclosed its investment in PLYmedia in the first quarter). Individual investors (who may… Read More

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