• Gresso Develops A $30,000 iPhone Mod For Those With More Money Than Taste

    Gresso Develops A $30,000 iPhone Mod For Those With More Money Than Taste

    Maybe the ol’ trustfund just kicked in. Maybe you’ve decided you too own a chunk of Facebook, and actually managed to get them to settle. Whatever the case, you’re sitting on a fat pile of cash and are feelin’ gaudy, good taste be damned. The self-declared luxury phone designers at Gresso, previously mentioned for cramming six ugly clocks into the back of the iPhone… Read More

  • The Gresso iPhone Case Has Six Stupid Little Watches Embedded Into It

    Oh, Gresso, you and your ridonkulous iPhone accessories and attempts to bejewel our phones. This $6,000 case features six goofy little watches embedded into its face, allowing you to tell the time at a glance. Or you could just start up your iPhone clock and go at it that way. It adds 1mm to the phone, which is why I suspect the watches are actually quartz and not mechanical. Pretty dumb stuff. Read More

  • Gresso iPhone Case With FREAKING GOLD RHINESTONES!

    So you’re like on the Internet and you get an email from a company called Gresso and you’re all like “Oh wow another iPhone case, dumb dumb dumb” and you’re about to stand up and go get another oatmeal cookie and you notice WTF right? WTF? Rhinestones made of pressed gold what wizardry is this where are we, Hyrule? Is this Lazy Town? Where is Little John doing… Read More

  • Gresso Launching iPad For The Stupidly Rich

    Here’s a version of the iPad you’re not going to see at the airport vending machines. Luxury manufacturer Gresso is producing an iPad made from African Blackwood and 18k gold. Read More

  • Gresso Luxor: The Phone You Bury Alongside Your Still-Living Servants In Your Stone Tomb

    Gresso is at it again with the Gresso Luxor, an abomination of a phone designed for rich men. The Gresso has a 42-carat “sapphire crystal” and is made of steel clad in PVD. It’s clad in 200-year-old “African blackwood” because, presumably, elephant skin was too gauche. Read More

  • Gresso's iPhone 4 Black Diamond may cost $10,000 but the case should fix the antenna issue

    Gresso, the company that fancies itself a manufacturer of luxury communication devices, has come up with the iPhone 4 Black Diamond. The “luxury” here means an 18 carat gold Apple logo, a black diamond (presumably a carbonado), and a 200-year-old African Blackwood case. Mm. Read More

  • Gresso "Skeleton" phone: You're doing it wrong

    Once again we welcome into the world a bit of conspicuous consumption so ham-handed that you actually get compassionate flop sweat for these people. The Gresso Avantgarde Skeleton is a “skeleton” phone with a display back. What does that mean? There’s a hole in the back so you can see the circuitry. This idea is so crazy that I wonder how much coke the creators did just to… Read More

  • Gresso Dives Into High-End Mobile Market, Uses Hotmail

    Out of nowhere comes this company Gresso who is already aiming to dive into the luxury mobile phone market that is mostly dominated by companies like Vertu. So how can this thing possibly take on a $10,000+ brand like Vertu? Well first off, the damn thing is made of gold and 200-year old African blackwood. That’s going to already jack up the price. Secondly, each phone is unique because… Read More