Could ‘Spider-Worm’ Silk Be The Next Supermaterial?

Spiderman might soon lose his dominance in harnessing spider silk superpowers. Scientists from the University of Wyoming, the University of Notre Dame and Zhejiang University in China have genetically

Marine Solar Cells Make The Most Of Sun And Waves

In an unusual hybrid, British industrial designer <a href="">Phil Pauley</a> created <a href="">Marine Solar Cells</a> that harness energy fr

Chevy Volt To Get Low Emissions Perks In California

Many in motoring are looking forward to an all-electric future, but as long as we're burning fuel we'll need to keep incentivizing low emissions. In California, a limited number of low-emissions vehic

Electronic Flowerpot Takes The Guesswork Out Of Gardening

Even though plants need only a few things to grow – water, air, light and minerals – maintaining the right proportions can make gardening feel like a high-maintenance hobby. Estonian company <a hr

Design Competition Yields Bikes Of The Future

<a href="">Oregon Manifest</a>, a nonprofit located in Portland, has been running a competition over the last few months in which students and pro teams work to create a next

Electric Aircraft Competition Wraps, With $1.35M Prize For Plane That Out-Economizes A Prius

A little more than a year ago, we posted about <a href="">the possibilities of electric aircraft</a>. At the time, we also mention

Why Did Solyndra Fail So Spectacularly?

The spectacular <a href="">failure</a> of solar manufacturer Solyndra is being held up by some as a shining

More Details On MIT’s “Artificial Leaf” (And Video)

Back in March, we heard about a breakthrough from MIT: <a href="">an "artificial leaf"</a> that pr

Can Municipal Waste Power Our Cars?

One future source of green energy may be as close as the nearest dumpster thanks to companies vying to make fuel from trash. <a href="">Enerkem</a>, based in M

Simple Energy And San Diego Gas & Electric Team Up To Encourage Conservation Through Gaming

2011 Boulder TechStars graduate <a href="">Simple Energy</a> is teaming up with San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E) to help the utility engage its customers in energy co

13-Year-Old Designs Efficient Solar Array Inspired By Oak Trees

When it comes to renewable energy solutions, sometimes nature has the best ideas. That was 13-year-old Aidan Dwyer's conclusion after a wintry hike in New York's Catskill Mountains, a trip that inspir

This Electric Plane Is Powered By Its Own By Solar Hangar

Aviation enthusiasts interested in greener flying might put an Elektra One plane on their wish lists. <a href="">PC-Aero</a>'s electric aircraft can fly for up to three hours on

HaloIPT Revs Up For Wirelessly Charged Electric Cars

Those who resist purchasing an electric car because charging stations are less ubiquitous than gas stations or figuring out how to charge your car at home seems complicated have one less excuse to go

Lego Cased Computer Crunches Efficiently For A Good Cause

For many people, building with Legos brings back fond memories. For <a href="">Mike Schropp</a>, the memories are still being built. Schropp loves Legos, often incorporating

A Groupon For Solar? Solar@Work Offers Buildings Discounts For Going Green Together

Group buying is moving into the commercial clean energy space thanks to <a href="">Solar@Work</a>, a program designed

How Hydrostor Aims To Change The Power Game By Storing Energy Under Water

<img src="" /> There has been a fair bit of concern in recent years about the ability of our power plants to supply adequate electricit

BioLite Stove Charges Your Phone While Cooking Your Dinner

Wood-burning stoves aren't known for being particularly efficient, and their smoke not only contains high carbon emissions but causes health risks to those who inhale it. A portable design from <a hre

Clean Urban Energy Raises $7 Million To "Turn Buildings Into Batteries"

<img src="" width="175" height="145" class="alignleft size-full wp-image-321481" /></a> A Chicago startup <a href="http://www.cleanu

New Wifi Tech Could Double Your Phone’s Battery Life

<img src=''> If you ever get the sense that someone on the wifi network you're using is hogging all the juice, you may be right. Not o

Luca Technologies Files To Go Public, Producing New Natural Gas From Old Wells

<img src="" class="shot2"></img> A Colorado cleantech venture, Luca Technologies, filed an S-1 today revealing its intention to go p
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