Intelligent recruiting platform Greenhouse picks up another $50M

Finding the right talent is a make-or-break situation for any company — especially smaller ones, which might not have the robust tools (or pocket books) of larger companies like Google that have a c

Greenhouse Inclusion aims to reduce bias in the hiring process

Unconscious and implicit biases can show up every step of the hiring the process. That’s why Greenhouse, a recruiting and applicant tracking program, has partnered with diversity and inclusion c

iUNU aims to build cameras on rails for growers to keep track of their crop health

You’ve probably spent a lot of time keeping track of your plants and all the minor details, like the coloration of the leaves, in order to make sure they’re healthy — but for professiona

The history of innovation in recruitment technology and services

2016 is a watershed moment for the recruitment industry. LinkedIn and Monster are being acquired, and CareerBuilder is for sale -- three of the highest-profile tech companies in the space. Microsoft i

Greenhouse Raises $7.5M To Engineer How Startups Recruit…Engineers

Uber, Pinterest, Snapchat and BuzzFeed all share a not-so-secret weapon in the talent wars: Greenhouse. The recruitment optimization SaaS turns hiring into a science, and guides them through where to

Greenhouse Raises $2.7M To Make Recruiting A Science For Hyper-Growth Startups Like Airbnb

"Recruiting is our top priority," most serious startups say, yet they're terrible at it. Ad-hoc interviews, jumbled notes. But Greenhouse turns the messy hiring process into a well-oiled machine for f

Winnie The Pooh, Stitch, Alien: Super-cute digital photo frames

<img src="" /> Tokyo-based gadget maker Greenhouse <a href="">announced</a>

USB 3.0-compatible PCI Express interface card

<img src="" /> <a href="">USB 3.0</a> is just around the corne

Fast food and donut USB sticks

<img src="" /> Tokyo-based crap accessory maker <a href="">Greenho

Cork USB stick and light bulb USB stick

<img src="" /> I don't know what it is about Japan and USB, but Nippon just keeps on churning out USB-powered crap gadgets. <a

Japanese company sells "women-only" video camera

<img src="" /> Japan-based electronics maker Greenhouse has announced the <a href="

Now in more colors: Pig-shaped earphones

<img src="" /> Some Japanese gadget freaks do have a penchant for weird earphones, <a href="

One computer screen isn't enough? Get this USB-powered secondary display

<img src="" /> I am not really sure who'd need a secondary display of this size, but Japanese gadget maker Green

Another whacky USB gadget from Japan: Mini beach sandals and surf board memory cards

<img src="" /> I don't know what made Tokyo-based tech company <a href="

Kana micro: New, cute and inexpensive DAPs from Greenhouse

<img src="" /> Greenhouse in Japan will start selling the Kana Micro, <a href="

Where to put all this CO2? Store it underground, Japan says

In a move to curb global warming, the Japanese government today announced a number of measures to implemented in the next years. It decided to put into practice a technology aimed at storing CO2 under

Japanese company sells male-only combat cookies to fight obesity

Japanese health and beauty care company Greenhouse [JP] offers a special kind of cookies that are supposedly able to support men who are on a diet. The so-called Otoko no kanpan – Sentou Ryousho

Miniature greenhouse takes up yet another USB port

Sigh. Well, it’s off to my local electronics store to purchase another USB hub. I’m honestly running out of ports (and desk space) for all of these wonderful gadgets. I mean, I’ve go

Eneplug: Colorful 3-pack of USB chargers ships in May

I absolutely love gadgets that charge via USB. I have sort of a “home base” where I write from, and there’s a powered USB hub where I can charge up my phone, iPod, whatever I need. G