• Frito-Lay Pulling Compostable Snack Bags Over Noise

    Last year, Frito-Lay announced that they were changing the Sun Chips bag to a new style that actually breaks down in the environment, instead of sitting around in landfills for years and years. The bad news? They are pulling the packaging from the market, because apparently they are too loud. Read More

  • Israeli Company Perfecting 59 Second EV Charge

    How do you recharge an electric vehicle in 59 seconds? Simple. You swap out the battery. Tokyo’s largest taxi company has been testing a rather surprising and innovative method of extending the range on their electric fleet: swapping out the battery. Makes sense really, if you think about it. Read More

  • AT&T announces zero draw anti-vampire charger

    AT&T’s ZERO draw charger will turn itself off when it isn’t actively charging. That is all. Read More