• Ricoh ‘green’ sign debuts in Times Square on Dec 4

    Green, green, green! It’s the marketing word that makes you think you’re doing something to help this planet, and now it’ll be found at the crossroads of the world, Times Square. (Actually, Times Square is a hell hole, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t popular.) Yes, it’s that “green” Ricoh billboard we first talked about during the summer, but… Read More

  • Japanese company sells "green" external HDD

    Tokyo-based computer hardware maker Logitec [JP] (not to be confused with Logitech) today announced an external 1TB HDD [JP], which will go on sale in Japan at the end of next month. The LHD-ED1000U2L comes with a power saving feature that makes the HDD drive rotation stop if the user doesn’t access the device for one minute. Windows fans can adjust the time by themselves (the HDD also… Read More

  • More sweet electric motorcycles

    Treehugger really likes those ‘lectric bikes. We had that awesome-looking GPR-S the other day, but these are a little less… well, production. There’s DIY, there’s concept, and there is of course the spine-snappingly quick Killacycle (cool video there, wait till 1:15). Even though they’re not buyable right now, these things are where innovation comes from, and… Read More

  • Omron develops "green" backlights for LCD TVs

    Sony’s 32-inch KDL-32JE1, the world’s most energy efficient LCD, still has potential Omron has developed a backlight for LCDs that reduces the amount of power conventional backlights, mostly cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFL), need by 33% to just 39W. Existing 32-inch LCD TVs are using about 10 CCFLs. Omron says it has found out that these lamps achieve maximum performance… Read More

  • Now (well, soon) it's easy to recycle your Sharp electronics

    Most people aren’t going to go out of their way to recycle a TV or set of speakers. That’s why Sharp has helped set up a proper recycling program that will be up and running in several states by next month before spreading to all 50 of ’em within the next three years. Even better is that, in addition to accepting Sharp products, the program will also accept stuff made by… Read More

  • Philips' green HDTVs to grace lux hotels across the nation

    Although luxury hotels are, in every respect, incredible and conspicuous wasters of resources (in the name of comfort), at least that means they’ve got nowhere to but green. So although you may safely blast the Sheraton, W, and Westin hotels among others for things like washing clean towels, throwing away used card keys and so on, at least you’ll know that when you turn on the tube… Read More

  • London taxis going electrical, old sport, didn't you know?

    The iconic TX4 taxis that crowd the streets of London are going to be getting an overhaul. In the interest of reducing costs, improving air quality, and replacing the aging fleet, they’ll be introducing new TX4 E electric taxis starting in early 2009. I think we can all agree that the air in London could use a bit of scrubbing; maybe they could mount big filters on the tops of these… Read More

  • HP goes green with new desktops, display

    This is the Phoenix. See how it resembles the mythical creature? As if being green were some passing fad, HP announced two new desktops and a display today. The HP Pavillion Verde Special Edition a6645f (really?) and Pavillion Phoenix SE a6655f have energy-efficient AMD procs and they’re Energy Star qualified. The SE desktops can handle up to 5GB of RAM, Windows Vista Home Premium… Read More

  • Using corrugated signs to heat your house (Tip: Don't burn them)

    This little experiment is fairly complex but it’s an interesting examination of forcing heat through corrugation in order to absorb head and blow it through your house this summer. Doable? Sure. Cheap? Sure. Kind of weird? Absolutely. Read More

  • Ecobee thermostat has a Wi-Fi connection

    Here’s a way to control the temperature in your house from far, far away. The Ecobee “Smart Thermostat” has all the stuff you’d expect with a standard digital thermostat and adds a pretty nice-looking touchscreen interface and – gasp! – a wireless connection, allowing you to log in and control it via the web. It’s not super-duper expensive either, at $385. Read More

  • ‘Aquaduct’ adult-sized tricycle produces clean drinking water, keeps you from tipping over

    Look at this environmentally-advanced mama jama. It’s called the Aquaduct, and though many are referring to it as a bicycle, it’s got three wheels. That, my friends, is a tricycle. Forget semantics, though, because the Aquaduct not only gets your from Point A to Point B (and occasionally Point C), but it also filters cruddy crap-water into delicious drinkable water using an… Read More

  • Carbon Diem tracks your carbon footprint on your cellphone

    A company has developed software for your cellphone that automatically calculates your carbon footprint. The program, called Carbon Diem, uses your GPS to calculate how fast you’re moving. It then interprets that data to calculate your carbon footprint. If you’re traveling by car you’re killing Mother Earth; if you’re walking about you deserve a gold star. Carbon… Read More

  • Step right up, get your plug-in Jeep

    Chrysler really threw their hat into the electric vehicle ring today, revealing not one, not two, but three electric or semi-electric vehicles. The one getting all the eyeballs, of course, is the Chrysler EV (real creative name there), which is all-electric, based on a Lotus Elise, and does 0-60 in five seconds. Of course, that one probably won’t ever enter production, or if it does… Read More

  • Dell going Green with the help of LEDs

    Environmentally friendly products are all the rage these days and Dell’s determined to help with LED back-lighting. Never mind that retooling production lines and importing the “green” material generally carries a higher carbon footprint than the current material, but still, it’s nice to feel like Captain Planet sometimes. Read More

  • How to build your own wind turbine (it's not easy)

    I like Instructables, if only because it’s reassuring to know that there are people out there who are not only have not only the knowledge to do something like this, but also the inclination. I can write blog posts and… uh, I can count real high (mom says), but even looking at the ingredients list for this particular tech recipe nearly gives me a panic attack. Still… Read More

  • Would you like that spy camera in hickory, or maple wood?

    Having a hard time keeping the ninjas riff-raff out of your ryokan, but can’t find a security camera that doesn’t clash with the tatami mats? Japanese security firm Const Net has the solution: Make the camera body out of wood. These creep my right the hell out. I mean, security cameras are inherently creepy, even in their standard industrial eye sore form. Wrap them up in a way… Read More

  • Stephen Colbert on the Volt: "Will it get me laid?" GM: "I think so" This is a great clip. I’ll let the guys do the talking, but although I’m sure GM’s point man Bob Lutz is in full spin mode here, it’s fun that he’s playing the game. Its off-the-line performance is “adequate,” a term well-known by carmakers as meaning “god-awful,”… Read More

  • Lenovo: Six new low-power, enviro-friendly monitors

    Lenovo’s got six new LCD monitors to add to its ThinkVision line. Each uses 30-60 percent less energy than ThinkVision LCDs from the past and some of the packaging uses 65 percent recycled materials. Read More

  • This chair is made from Xboxen (and steel)

    British design house Pli has created a green seating solution for those of you who really, really love recycling. But that’s not all; the fun part is that the Reee Classic chair is made only from recycled game consoles — aside from the frame, which is steel. They don’t say which, but I’m guessing there is a lot of PS2 in there. They’d sell a lot more if you… Read More

  • Blowback from the Green Offensive

    Green marketing may be hitting a saturation point. At least, I’ve come to think that at some point it will. Is it now? I don’t know. It just seems to me that all marketing pushes eventually run out of gas. I would hate to see Green-thinking fall away as just another fad, because advertisers shoved it down our collective throat. Read More

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