Formula One to cut emissions by 15 percent within 3 years, becomes first green-ish sports organization

<img src="" />Some auto racing news for your Wednesday morning. Formula One, the fancy circuit that, like <a HREF="http://www.crunchgear.

Electrolux will clean the oceans of plastic debris, then make vacuum cleaners

<img src="" />Did you know that, according to Electrolux, a Swedish appliance manufacturer, there are gigantic piles of plastic debris fl

Like algae? Love lamps? Please read.

<img src="" />Just now you were wondering, "how can I get more algae in my day-to-day life?" Well, maybe not then, but you are now. N

Finally, a worthwhile use for all those old National Geographics

<img src="" />I love <em>National Geographic</em>, but man, there are a lot of them out there. How many basement bookc

Woah, these laptop bags made from recycled fire hose look awesome

It’s too bad we didn’t hear about these before Bag Week. Feuer Bags is a German company that makes bags out of decommissioned fire hose. You better believe they’re tough. Plus, they

New solar cells printed on paper

<img src="" />Everyone loves the idea of solar energy. The three big challenges are that solar cells are expensive to produc

A few things to know about electric bikes

<img src="" />We like electric vehicles here at CrunchGear, from the <a href="

Compostable pen, sure, but the price isn't right yet

<img src="" />Although we are moving towards a paperless society, that dream is still a long ways off, and a lot of Bics are going to b

NEC develops eco-friendly, super-efficient CPU cooling system

<img src="" /> NEC has developed an eco-friendly cooling system for CPUs, <a href="

Plant face mask takes cutting down on your carbon footprint to the extreme

<img src="" />If the volcanoes in Iceland keep pumping out ash, we may all need to start wearing face masks to protect our delic

Lever-activated faucet: get one

<img src="" />It's Earth Day, friend reader. Not that you'd know it, what with a gazillion pounds of waste being thrown indiscriminately

Hotel lets patrons pedal for their supper

<img src="" />Here's a surprisingly green idea from a hotel in Copenhagen. The ultra-modern Crowne Plaza Co

Sprout watch: eco-friendly but probably won't win any beauty contests

<img src="" />Lots of companies like to say they've made a "green" product. This <a href="

President Obama wants hybrid limo, Secret Service says no

<img src="" />President <a HREF="">Obama</a> wanted his motorcade to be as environmentally friendly

Nissan's Land Glider: The future of urban transportation?

<img src="" />This, according to Nissan, is the future of urban transportation. It's called the Land Glider (sounds a bit like a Land Rov

New FedEx truck: it's electric!

<img src="" />Good on FedEx, for doing this. The USPS has been talking about going electric for their fleet, and it makes s

Scientist: Don't bother going green because there's nothing we can do to save the planet

<img src="" />Well, I hate to be the one to break this news to y'all, but here we are. You know the "<a HREF="

ex-Sprint and Radio Shack execs try to save the world with eRecyclingCorps

65,000 tons of mobile phone e-waste are generated every year. The bad news is, only 1% of consumers choose to recycle their headsets when they upgrade. eRecyclingCorps is working with carriers to inte

Bill Gates' hurricane-busting tubeships are real, people

<img src="" />Last year, I wrote that Bill had this (let's be honest) <a href="

Inverted, ocean-bound "seascrapers": aqua-communes for the future?

<img src="" />You guys, I'm freaking out about how cool these things could be. A recent skyscraper concept competition yielded some r
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