GE's New Halogen-CFL Hybrid Bulb Eliminates Light Switch Lag

<img src="" />One of the most annoying things about fluorescent bulbs (including their new and improved little brothers, the CFLs)

i2O: An Intelligent Grid For Water Systems That Could Save Millions Of Gallons

<img src="" />One of the major issues I've been seeing raised internationally in the last year is that of fresh water shortage. Do y

Now I Want A Solar Tuk-Tuk

<img src="" />There was some chatter a couple months ago about the possibility of solar-powered tuk-tuks — you k

White House To Install Solar Panels By Next Spring

<img src="" />Our very own White House is going <a HREF="">green</a>. Well, trying to go green. Sola

T-Mobile Constructs Solar-Powered Cell Site In Pennsylvania

<img src="" />T-Mobile, fresh off some sort of short code carrier controversy, has been experimenting with solar-powered cell towers. The

Automotive X-Prize Winners Share $10 Million For 100MPG Car Designs

A long and grueling competition was finally settled today as the X-Prize foundation split a $10 million purse between three teams out of 111 competing to create a safe and effective 100MPGe car. The c

The EPA's Proposed Vehicle Window Stickers Give Cars A Letter Grade

<img src="" />The EPA is revising the window stickers seen on new cars to more accurately reflect the capabilities of electric and h

Solarve: Sanyo Shows World's First Solar Cell-Equipped Bus

<img src="" /> Sanyo in Japan today <a href="">announced</a> [JP] what it says is the

Porsche’s Hybrid GT3 R On Display In Monterey

We’ve known about Porsche’s GTR 3 hybrid for a while now, but it’s nice to know that it’s not just lurking in a lab somewhere. No, it’s enjoying the Monterey sun and doin

Holstee's Recycled Wallet: Green & Great

<img src="" />I’ve written about plenty of <a HREF="">green</a> things in the past, but never

Tesla Reports Q2 Financials (updated)

<img src="" />Tesla has released the details of their 2010 Q2 financial performance, and it looks like things are coming up roses

Test Drive: Nissan Leaf

I just had the opportunity to test-drive the new Nissan Leaf here in sunny Seattle, and had enough time with the car to garner some first impressions, take some pictures, and shoot a little video. The

Save Packaging By Getting Your Amazon Deliveries Via Reusable Tote

If your inner tree-hugger cringes every time you get a single book or knick-knack wrapped up in enough packing materials for ten, then this is for you. Oh, and you have to live in Seattle. Amazon has

Microsoft releases power counter for Green consumers

Always on the cutting edge of “stuff that goes onto your power meter in the basement and you forget about” technology, Microsoft and Blue Line Innovations have teamed up to release the Hoh

The Zephyr: The UK-built green military aircraft just flew for 2 weeks straight

<img src="" />Some more aviation news for your edification. The British-built Zephyr is a solar-powered, unmanned aircraft that just fle

China now the world's top energy consumer (but the U.S. has become more energy efficient)

<img src="" />Is there a <a HREF="">green</a> movement in China? Maybe there ought to be, consid

QinetiQ's solar-powered Zephyr aircraft attempting to stay aloft for 14 days

It’s summer here in the Northern hemisphere, and that means the solar-based industry in the US is in top experimental gear (to clarify: the company in question is British but the test flight is

New York City to keep track of water use with wireless monitors

<img src="" />New York City residents will now be able to track their water use in real time. The city has installed wireless meters in

Apple's iPhone 4 may not be perfect, but it is environmentally friendly

<img src="" />A handy <a href="">Greenpeace</a> e-mail popped into my e-mail collector unit

Solar Impulse, the solar-powered airplane, tries to fly 24 hours

<img src="" />A solar-powered airplane, named the Solar Impulse, means to prove, once and for all, that harnessing the energy of t
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