• Simple Energy And San Diego Gas & Electric Team Up To Encourage Conservation Through Gaming

    Simple Energy And San Diego Gas & Electric Team Up To Encourage Conservation Through Gaming

    2011 Boulder TechStars graduate Simple Energy is teaming up with San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E) to help the utility engage its customers in energy conservation efforts. To accomplish this, Simple Energy is running an energy saver contest that offers a social gaming experience with real-world rewards. Read More

  • Ford And Zipcar Partner On Car-Sharing Program For Universities

    Ford And Zipcar Partner On Car-Sharing Program For Universities

    Ford Motor Company and the leading car-sharing network Zipcar have just announced a partnership that establishes Ford as Zipcar’s largest auto source for Zipcar’s University program. The new, two-year alliance will reach students at over 250 university campuses here in the U.S. Ford will start shipping its vehicles, primarily the 2012 Ford Focus and Ford Escape, to colleges… Read More

  • EnergyHub Launches Energy Management System For Consumers

    EnergyHub Launches Energy Management System For Consumers

    Today, EnergyHub launched its new, comprehensive, in-home energy management system for U.S. consumers. The system includes the EnergyHub Home Base, for centralized management of the electricity usage in the home, as well as The EnergyHub Thermostat, Sockets and Strips. The Home Base also connects to the Web via Wi-Fi, allowing users to remotely manage individual components via Web-based… Read More

  • FlyKly Electric Bikes Are Coming To San Francisco

    FlyKly Electric Bikes Are Coming To San Francisco

    Electric bike maker FlyKly is bringing its stylish, powerful and eco-friendly bikes to San Francisco after having a blowout launch in New York earlier this summer. The company, which opened up shop on June 20th, sold out its entire stock of bikes in July at a pop-up store in Soho. Now, the bikes are being made available in San Francisco. Read More

  • Ford to Sell Solar Panel System Alongside Electric Cars

    Ford to Sell Solar Panel System Alongside Electric Cars

    Ford Motor Company is teaming up with San Jose-based solar panel maker SunPower to offer a rooftop solar system option which will be sold alongside the upcoming Ford Focus EV. The “Drive Green for Life” program, as it’s being called, involves mounting solar panels on a customer’s home. These panels wouldn’t be used just to charge the Focus itself, however. Read More

  • Marvin Malton 160 Cushion Khaki Watch Review

    Marvin is one of the most interesting brands out there that common people can afford. This is in large part due to the brand’s leadership – a spunky and creative woman named Cecile Maye. Her view of design is highly emotional which lends to theme and philosophy being one of the main driving forces behind the design. Plus talent, of course. On Marvin’s current list of… Read More

  • MIT Scientist Claims To Have Created Practical "Artificial Leaf"

    One of the things green energy proponents eagerly look forward to is an “artificial leaf”: a truly small, portable, modular photosynthetic power plant. The ability to take a hundred or a thousand such units and plaster them on a wall, roof, tree, or whatever, and have them store power in a simple fuel cell all day long would be a great way to make power distribution less tricky… Read More

  • World's Highest Solar Array To Be Built In Tibet

    SunTech Power Holdings is planning on building a major solar power installation at one of the highest inhabited places on the planet: the Tibetan Plateau. The county of Sangri, 4000m (13,123ft) above sea level, has been chosen as the site for the latest of this company’s green power plants, and will generate around 20MWh of power yearly for the surrounding area. Nice! Read More

  • Will Germany Become The World's First Post-Nuclear Nation?

    It certainly looks that way. The country has been having a national discussion ever since the Japan nuclear crisis, and the consensus seems to be that nuclear isn’t worth the risk. Instead, the country will embrace alternative forms of energy, including renewable sources. Read More

  • Local E-Bike Start-Up Clean Republic Makes Good In Seattle

    We cover electric bikes every now and then at CrunchGear, but while millions are sold in Asia and Europe, they remain a rarity here in the US, even on the mean cycling streets of Seattle. Certainly the convenience of cars and our highway-orientated infrastructure is partially to blame for the lack of interest in these extremely effective transportation tools, but I also think that… Read More

  • Non-Toxic, Ethical Bike Care Products From Orontas

    If you’re like me, you cringe a little whenever you put a little synthetic oil on your chain or send some toxic cleaning fluid down the drain. Seems to me that people with bikes are more likely to care about their environmental impact, and also more likely to pay more for quality gear and accessories. These sustainable bike care products from Orontas let you and your bike feel good. Read More

  • Hublot Red Magic & All Black Green Watches Hands-On

    Last year Hublot released their first watch with a colored sapphire crystal. The crystal itself was tinted red on the very cool Hublot King Power F1 Monza watch. It was shared with me that more tinted crystals watches would come. Hublot is thus far sticking with red, but more colors will come soon – no doubt. Here for you is the Hublot Big Bang Red Magic collection for 2011 –… Read More

  • Going Green: 100W Light Bulbs To Be Phased Out In California This Year

    If there were a superhero who was powered by 100W lightbulbs it’s safe to say his days of fighting crime in California are over. The state will end the sale of 100W light bulbs after the current supply has been exhausted. It’s part of the federal Energy Independence Act and Security Act of 2007. Silly name aside, the law will go into effect in the coming years across the country. Read More

  • AMD Inching Closer To ‘Green’ Processors With Next-Gen APUs

    Are graphics cards (and processors) now going green? AMD is certainly trying, having noted that its E-350 APU “demonstrated a significant reduction in the overall product ‘carbon footprint’” compared to previous AMD Anthlon processors and Mobility Radeon graphics cards. We’re talking a 40 percent reduction in carbon emission over the life of the APU. This is the… Read More

  • Video: Captain Planet Would Be Proud Of The T-Shirt That Detects Pollution

    Very clever, this. It’s a t-shirt that “detects” pollution by way of changing color when it comes into contact with high carbon monoxide levels. It was designed by two NYU graduate students, who are now famous forever. Read More

  • Southwest Airlines To Start Implement Green Landings. Wait There Exists Such A Thing?

    First off, what am I talking about when I say “green” landings? Well, how about energy-efficient landings? Does that do anything for you? Aiming to cut greenhouse emission, save money and reduce delays, Southwest Airlines has begun to implement GPS based RNP, or required navigation performance, which is fundamentally similar to the older RNAV, or area navigation, but different. Read More

  • Bamboo Bike Kit Lets You Build… Yes, A Bamboo Bike, How Did You Know

    We see bamboo here and there on CrunchGear (the Dodocase, laptops, bikes), but I’m usually suspicious of bamboo-type products, because they usually make specious claims of greenness. This kit seems useful, though, if only because it provides a semi-eco-friendly way to put together a new bike. Interestingly, it does not provide the bike parts or the bamboo. Hey, what the… Read More

  • Formula One Adds ‘Green’ Engines From 2013 Season

    Formula One’s governing body, the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), has committed the sport to “improving sustainability.” As such, starting with the 2013 season all F1 cars’ engines will have to meet new, dare I say greener criteria. Namely, engines will shrink in size from 2.4 liters to 1.6 liters and will go down from 18,000 rpm to 12,000 rpm. Read More

  • Facebook Claims It's All Green Now, Touts Auto-Flush Toilets

    In an effort to promote its sustainability efforts, Facebook has officially launched the company’s “Green” page. The page, represented by what appears to be the merger of a restart button and an abstract pine tree, will showcase the company’s latest green achievements, pertinent articles and a bevy of fun facts. Under the “programs” tab there’s an… Read More

  • Greenpeace: Nokia Is Tech's Greenest Company, Nintendo The Worst

    Greenpeace‘s latest Guide to Greener Electronics shows that great progress in greenification has been made by some companies, but that other companies are still lagging behind. Philips and HP are applauded for their efforts, while Microsoft and Toshiba have been called out for either backtracking on their promises or misleading the public “about its commitments” to making… Read More