• DeNA, GREE: Japan’s Mobile Social Gaming Giants Report Impressive Financial Numbers

    DeNA, GREE: Japan’s Mobile Social Gaming Giants Report Impressive Financial Numbers

    GREE and Mobage are brand names that don’t ring a bell with too many people (yet) as far as markets like the US or Europe are concerned, but these mobile social gaming platforms are hugely successful in Japan. The Tokyo-based companies behind these homegrown gaming networks, GREE and DeNA, reported some big financial numbers today. DeNA (current market cap: US$6.4 billion) today… Read More

  • Biohazard Outbreak Survive: This Is How Resident Evil Looks Like As A Mobile Social Game

    Survival horror video game series Resident Evil has sold well over 45 million units since the first title came out back in 1996, on various platforms, for example the PlayStation 1, the Nintendo DS, or the iPhone. But there has never been a mobile social game in the series (“Biohazard” in Japan) – until this week. Read More

  • Why Japan’s GREE Overpaid For Mobile Social Gaming Startup OpenFeint

    Over the past year, there’s been an apparent trend taking place of Japanese gaming companies acquiring U.S. social game developers. DeNa bought social gaming company Ngmoco for $400 million last October, adding to an acquisition of mobile social gaming studio GameView in September. A little over a month ago, Japanese mobile gaming company GREE dropped $104 million on OpenFeint, a plug… Read More

  • Japanese Company GREE Buys Mobile Social Gaming Platform OpenFeint For $104 Million In Cash

    Mobile gaming startup OpenFeint, has been acquired by Japanese mobile gaming company GREE for $104 million in cash plus additional capital for growth of the OpenFeint platform. OpenFeint and its team will remain with long-term incentives, including CEO and founder Jason Citron, says the company. OpenFeint provides a comprehensive mobile social gaming platform for the iPhone and Android platforms. Read More

  • Move Over iFund: DCM, Tencent, GREE, KDDI Launch $100M A-Fund

    We’ve all got iPhone mania in the Valley, never mind that Apple tracks our every move and won’t explain why or that AT&T users can’t actually make calls. But in Asia– and much of the rest of the developing world– the anticipated mobile giant is Android. Android phones are just starting to hit Japan and China, and a flood of cheap new models are expected to come… Read More

  • Japan's GREE And Mobile Community mig33 Sign Deal To Bring Social Games To Asia

    Big news from Asia’s social games industry today: Japanese mobile social gaming juggernaut GREE and mig33, a mobile community that’s especially popular in Asia, have just announced [PDF] a cooperation with the potential to change the social gaming market in the region. Under the agreement, mig33 adopts the “GREE platform for smartphone”, which means that smartphone… Read More

  • Japan's Social Gaming Giant DeNA Under Suspicion Of Breaking Antitrust Law

    Bad news from Japan’s multi-billion dollar social gaming industry earlier this week: Tokyo-based mobile gaming heavyweight DeNA (current market cap: US$4.5 billion) was investigated on Wednesday by the Japan Fair Trade Commission (JFTC) over antitrust issues. The allegation: DeNA, which recently paid US$400 million to acquire American smartphone game maker ngmoco, pressured Japanese… Read More

  • Mobile Social Network GREE Lands a Big IPO, In Japan

    The tech IPO is not completely dead. Last Wednesday, Japan’s third largest social network GREE, launched in 2004 by the company of the same name, listed its IPO shares on the Tokyo Stock Exchange’s Mothers market for start-ups. GREE caused a sensation in this year’s lackluster Japanese IPO market with shares rising a whopping 52% from $37 to $56 on the first trading… Read More