greatest hits

  • Greatest Hits hit PS3 today

    Greatest Hits, the popular budget line of PlayStation titles have started to go on sale here in the US. Nine titles are available now, with a price tag of $30 each. PS3 Fanboy offers up some concise reviews for the initiated, giving only one title, Need For Speed Carbon, a flat out “don’t buy” rating, citing dated graphics. Two other titles, Call of Duty 3, and MotorStorm… Read More

  • Need Laughs? Mega64 DVD Out In July

    Anyone who plays video games must check out the team over at Mega64. These guys have been making hilarious video game skits for years with an incredible sense of humor. Now, instead of browsing their website for hours at a time to get your laugh on, you’ll be able to pop a DVD into your home theater system. The boys are releasing a Greatest Hits DVD and it looks to be a good one. The… Read More