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Watch These Tiny Robots As They Fly Well With Others

The quadccopters at the University of Pennsylvania GRASP Lab are truly trained to follow the golden robot rule: fly with others as you'd fly with yourself. Thanks to researchers Yash Mulgaonkar, Garet

Swarming Robots Will Fly Menacingly Towards Your Loved Ones In Perfect Formation

This video is making the nerd rounds today and it's pretty amazing. It shows a set of quadrocopters first righting themselves after a catastrophic failure and returning to a certain point (the scienti

These Quadrocopters Fly In Perfect Formation, Aim For Soft Parts Of The Body

Another day, another set of robotic quadrocopters flying in formation. In our continuing series featuring the GRASP manhack quadrocopters, we present a video of the wee robots flying in perfect format