• UK graphics company Imagination Technologies is laying off 350 as it feels the iPhone pinch

    UK graphics company Imagination Technologies is laying off 350 as it feels the iPhone pinch

    Smartphone sales are slowing down, and it looks like Apple might see its first iPhone sales decline in the next quarter. That pinch is now being felt by one of Apple’s key suppliers. UK company Imagination Technologies announced today that it is restructuring its company. It will lay off 350 people and shutter some operations in the process — 200 announced today, on top of… Read More

  • Wacom’s New WILL Project Aims To Make A New Universal Computing Language Out Of Digital Ink

    Wacom’s New WILL Project Aims To Make A New Universal Computing Language Out Of Digital Ink

    Leading digital graphics and input company Wacom has launched an ambitious new project that aims to universalize digital ink across platforms and devices. Project WILL (Wacom Ink Layer Language) wants to codify digital inking around a single digital standard that will ignore any boundaries set by things like OS, hardware and cloud platforms upon current digital inking methods. Read More

  • Nvidia Brings Kepler To Mobile, Offers Same Graphics Power As iPad 4 With One-Third The Battery Drain

    Nvidia Brings Kepler To Mobile, Offers Same Graphics Power As iPad 4 With One-Third The Battery Drain

    At the SIGGRAPH conference going on this week, Nvidia has made a potentially huge announcement regarding the future of mobile gaming: the company is bringing its Kepler graphics architecture to mobile devices via its Project Logan next-gen mobile processor. Nvidia compares this development to the rollout of the first GPU, the GeForce 256, 14 years ago. Logan as a platform, with its Kepler… Read More

  • Wacom Cintiq 22HD Vs. Modbook Pro: Screen Real Estate Takes On Portability For The Digital Artist

    Wacom Cintiq 22HD Vs. Modbook Pro: Screen Real Estate Takes On Portability For The Digital Artist

    Tablets are everywhere these days thanks to the iPad, but they lack a certain finesse necessary for fine digital arts work. That’s where longtime players like Wacom and Modbook still excel. Recently, I’ve had both a Wacom Cintiq 22HD and a new Modbook Pro in the studio for testing, and both have proven immensely handy for digital drawing, painting and photo editing. Read More

  • From W to X to Wayland

    Ars Technica has a terrific look at the Linux graphics stack, from the original X protocol pioneered by MIT computer scientist Bob Scheifler up to the new Wayland display manager (for lack of a better word) by Kristian Høgsberg. Many of the current crop of Linux users might well be completely unaware of the robust network functionality built into, the current iteration of the X… Read More

  • Nintendo 3DS graphics chipset revealed

    While Nintendo is normally very closed-mouthed about the actual hardware used in their systems, there has been some news recently about the graphics chipset used in the 3DS. You might be surprised to find out that it’s not your typical NVIDIA Tegra, but instead some new PICA200 chip (yes, PICA, hold your giggles to the end please). Read More

  • NVIDIA eyeing netbook market, waiting for evolution

    Ah, graphics. One of the present-day netbook’s Achilles’ heels. While NVIDIA struck a deal earlier this year with VIA to work on its netbook-friendly “Nano” processors, it appears that the graphics giant is employing a wait-and-see position towards the rest of the netbook market in general. NVIDIA CFO Marv Burkett said at a recent technology conference… Read More

  • XDepth Raw works as both JPEG and RAW

    Interesting. I’ve always wondered when a lossless compression scheme for RAW shots would become popular — there’s already Rawzor, but it’s not the same idea. This XDepth Raw format is encoded in such a way that any viewer capable of processing jpegs can view this format, although it allows for all the conservation of data and depth that RAW, DNG, and CRW among… Read More

  • New, easier technique for capturing high-res textures I’m no asset creation specialist, but from what I’ve heard it’s not that difficult to get textures, although making a decent normal map that actually corresponds to a texture’s source is tricky. Some boffins at Dolby thought there had to be an easier way than what was available, so they got to… Read More

  • ATI's Radeon 4870 hit NVIDIA so hard their prices fell down

    Damn, when I first heard about the GeForce 260 and 280 I thought it was checkmate. No one expected much of the new line of Radeons in the first place given ATI’s lackluster offerings lately, and combine that with the improvement in the 65nm 280 — I think I was justified in thinking so. But the Radeon 4850 came out a little later and jaws dropped. It offered nearly the performance… Read More

  • Matrox comes out of its cave, offers new video cards

    You may remember Matrox. They were a significant competitor back in the days when the graphics card scene was TNT2 vs. Voodoo3. The dark horse was always Matrox, whose dual-display-oriented cards always perplexed and intrigued me. I still don’t use more than one monitor but it’s far more common these days, with people like our own Doug, who is rocking I believe four monitors at… Read More

  • Wii middleware makers: Step up to the graphical plate, developers

    High Voltage Software are calling out Wii developers for not putting enough graphical oomph in their Wii games. High Voltage’s new Quantum3 engine supports many advanced graphical effects not being used by developers they say aren’t delivering. It’s a fair criticism – the draw to the Wii isn’t for its graphics, but do they really need to pale next to God of War? Read More

  • NVIDIA introduces new GPUs, motherboard as part of 'fastest GeForce platforms ever'

    If you’ve got $600 burning a hole in your pocket, maybe head on down to your nearby electronics superstore and throw down for the NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GX2. It’s got 256 processing cores on a single board and it’s “up to 60% faster than the closest competitor,” according to NVIDIA. It can be paired up with another 9800 GX2 in Quad SLI mode for Vista, just in… Read More

  • Keep that receipt: GeForce 9800 GX2s have heat problems with some motherboards

    There was a big to-do yesterday with the release of the GeForce 9800 GX2, the dual-GPU supercard from Nvidia. Reviews were cautiously positive, but Bit-Tech had a mysterious problem: constant overheating. They did some testing and found that on some nForce 700 mobos (in their tests, the Asus Striker II), the placement of the nForce 200 chip made for a hot pocket of up to almost 200… Read More

  • Nvidia's dual-GPU 9800 GX2 will break you: review roundup

    The first reviews are showing up for Nvidia’s beast of a single-slot card, the 9800 GX2. In case you don’t remember it from when it showed on the scene, the GX2 is basically a pair of 8800s in a native SLI, one-PCI-express slot configuration. It costs an arm and a leg (~$600) and it’s very, very powerful. And how does it stand up? The consensus seems to be that the 9800… Read More

  • Nvidia's 9800GTX coming at the end of March

    I don’t plan on upgrading just yet, especially considering how much this thing is certain to cost, but if the performance of the 9600 is any indication, this new line is going to be great. 512MB of 0.8ns DDR3 memory with a 256-bit interface, nice high clock speeds, and a new architecture, looks like a winner. It also supports 3-way SLI, which I’m sure is as over-the-top as it… Read More

  • NVIDIA going mobile with APX 2500 cell phone chip

    What say you to the idea of cramming an NVIDIA GeForce chip into your cell phone? It’s coming, and in high definition too. The NVIDIA APX 2500 is an ultra-low power mobile applications processing platform that’s recently been announced at the MWC in Barcelona. The new chipset will basically allow you to (among other things) capture and/or play back 720p movies and take photos at… Read More

  • Nvidia attacks the low-mid range with the 8800GS

    What with the GS, GT, GTS, and GTX, it’s hard to keep straight on what exactly the offerings are from the current champion of the video card world. But one thing you can count on is that at every price point there will be an ATi and Nvidia card duking it out. At the highly contested $200 serious/casual sweet spot, you have the Radeon HD 3850 and now, this 8800GS, a somewhat… Read More

  • NVIDIA adds one more graphics card to your rig

    Sure, why not? NVIDIA’s just announced 3-way SLI and is now one step closer to having your entire case filled with video cards. According to the company, "Now hot, new, graphics-intensive titles, such as Call of Duty 4, Company of Heroes Opposing Fronts, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, and Unreal Tournament 3, can be played at the highest resolution possible, with all the graphics… Read More

  • NVIDIA upgrades the budget-pro 8800GTS right after I buy one. Thanks!

    Good timing, guys. The graphics giant has changed up the architecture on its popular, high-performing, mid-range 8800GTS line. I have one and I can tell you it’s a great card (it actually does run Crysis) but I’m mad that they’ve tweaked it so soon after I laid down the cash. This is probably in response to a poor reception to its 640MB 8800GTS, which had very little… Read More