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Nvidia debuts new high-end RTX 4090 GPU after previous generation gobbled up by crypto miners

Nvidia has announced its new generation of graphics cards, the RTX 4-series, including the $1,599 flagship RTX 4090 and slightly more affordable 4080. The upgrade comes at an interesting time for PC u

Vultr will now let you rent a share of Nvidia’s A100 GPUs in its cloud

Vultr, the cloud platform that specializes in providing access to basic infrastructure services at a relatively low cost, today announced the launch of Vultr Talon, a new service that will offer devel

Thousands of Nvidia employee passwords leak online as hackers’ ransom deadline looms

The hacking group that claims to have taken a terabyte of data from chipmaking giant Nvidia is threatening to release the company’s “most closely-guarded secrets” today unless it meets the gang&

Nvidia launches the $249 GeForce RTX 3050

You can now add another set of Nvidia-based graphics cards to the graphics cards you probably won’t be able to buy anytime soon, as the company today launched the GeForce RTX 3050 for desktops.

Nvidia expands its GeForce Now game streaming ecosystem

At CES, Nvidia today put a strong emphasis on its GeForce Now game streaming service, its competitor to the likes of Google’s Stadia (that’s still around, right?), Amazon’s Luna and

AMD’s new $499 RX Vega 64 and $399 Vega 56 top-end graphics cards launch in August

It's high time for launch details regarding new AMD RX Vega cards that were teased in May — high-end graphics cards designed to challenge Nvidia's domination with the GTX 1080 and 1070. Both cards a

CoolChip Technologies Is Redesigning The Humble Computer Fan

CoolChip Technologies is a startup working to redesign fans to be less of a nuisance. While there are alternatives (like liquid cooling) for those who simply cannot stand the presence of fans, CoolChi

Simple BIOS Flash Turns AMD Radeon HD 6950 Into A 6970!

<img src="" />Did Santa give you an AMD Radeon HD 6950 this year? Good news: he <i>actually</i> gave you a <b>6970</b>! It turns out th

AMD To Release Next-Generation Graphics Cards Next Week: DX11 Round Two

<img src="" />AMD mentioned in its earnings call that its next-generation graphics cards will be released next week. Details are non-exi

AMD To Phase Out ATI Name With Next Batch Of Graphics Cards

<img src="" />ATI, we hardly knew ye. Word on the street is that AMD, which bought ATI for a cool $5.4 billion some four years ago, wi

Nvidia commits to simultaneous desktop-laptop driver releases

<img src="" /><a HREF="">Nvidia</a> wants to help out you laptop gamers. How nice of them. From no

Nvidia expands its mobile graphics lineup

<img src="" />It seems that a lot of people are moving to a laptop as their primary machine, but that poses a problem for power users who n

How do NVIDIA and AMD's latest graphics cards stack up vs. each other?

<img src="" /> The eternal quandary for system builders has been much less quandarious (to coin a term) for the last year or so. Intel pr

New Quadros from Nvidia: expensive and powerful, not unlike myself

<img src="" /> Things are getting out of control in the 3D modeling business. Models for movies and games have gone from

Top-shelf Radeon 4890 spotted, examined

<img src="" /> As much as we like the giant-killing 4870 graphics cards from AMD, they have been around for quite a while now. It

AMD's partners refuse to lower price on 4870 – it would be too good of a deal

<img src="" />If you didn't already have enough reasons to buy a Radeon 4870 in one of its many forms, well, here's another one

CrunchDeals: Sapphire Radeon 4870 512MB, $150 shipped

It wasn’t so very long ago that the 4870 was the king of the hill. They offer it all the way up to 2GB right now, but 512MB should suit anybody shopping in the mid range. And $150 (with the $15

Sapphire launching Radeon HD 4870 with 2GB of memory

<img src="" />Video card technology seems to compete with CPU technology, both of them continuing to obey Moore's law, and becomi

Nvidia pulling dirty tricks on the press?

<img src="" />Nvidia, not known for being forthcoming (but perhaps no more than any other tech company), is apparently <a href="http://w

GeForce GTX 295: not quite a 4870 X2-killer

NVIDIA’s ice-cream sandwich-looking dual-GPU answer to AMD’s dual-GPU 4870 X2 doesn’t excel, but doesn’t disappoint, either. Although the GeForce GTX 280 has recently surpassed
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