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Facebook Starts Rollout Of Graph Search For Posts, Comments, Check-Ins To Reveal The Past And Present

What's everyone saying about Breaking Bad? What about just my friends? What do my old photo comments say about me? A trillion posts full of this info start getting unlocked today as Facebook begins ro

Facebook Graph Search Out For All U.S. English Users, Hiding Timeline Search By Name Setting Dies Today

Facebook's Graph Search, the tool that lets you search in plain language across information shared by friends and anyone on Facebook to find stuff like "People who live in my city from my hometown," o

To Take On Google, Facebook’s Graph Search Engine Needs More Data, Better Signals

As Facebook begins <a href="">rolling out its Graph Search engine more broadly to its U.S. English-language u

Facebook Will Begin Making Graph Search Public On Monday

Use Facebook in American English and aren't one of Graph Search's beta users already? Then you can expect to get the tool in a rollout that will begin on Monday and take place over the next few weeks.

Facebook’s Graph Search Supremo Lars Rasmussen On Relocating To London, Building A New Team, And The Challenges Of Natural Language

Lars Rasmussen, one of the <a href="">two engineering directors</a> who led in the creation

How Facebook Could Fix Its Forgettable New Features

At least Facebook didn't break anything, but the extra feeds and search box it recently launched have yet to drastically improve my experience. The homepage redesign is pretty, but I keep forgetting t

Facebook Gives Graph Search To More People, Makes Those Left Out Jealous

Five weeks after launch, Facebook gave reporters a 'State Of Graph Search' today at its Menlo Park HQ. It's been rolled out from the original 100,000 users to "hundreds of thousands", and now a news f

Facebook Is Primed To Disrupt Online Dating

<b>Editor’s Note:</b> <em>Brian Bowman is founder and CEO of <a target="_blank" href=""></a>, a fun way to discover people, places, and things.</em> The responsibi

Tumblr Blog “Actual Facebook Graph Searches” Goes Viral

Well, that didn't take long. Facebook Graph Search is now its own Tumblr meme: "<a target="_blank" href="">Actual Facebook Graph Searches</a>." The site d

With News Feed Unable To Handle All Of Our Content, Graph Search Will Lift Facebook Engagement

Many of you are probably presented with the same problem when logging into Facebook. The first thing that you see is your News Feed, with tons of content from your friends and pages that you like. Unl

Google+ Launches An Easier Way To Share Food Photos On The Day Its Limited Search Is Upstaged By Facebook

Facebook just <a href="">announced</a> its new <a target="_blank" href="">Gr

Facebook Takes On Google, But Private, Personalized, Social Search Has No Clear Winner Yet

<a href="">Facebook launched Graph Search today</a>, its own version of a private, personalized social search engine.

Facebook Shares Dip Below $30 Again, As Graph Search Fails To Convince Investors

Earlier today, Facebook unveiled its third pillar, <a href="">graph search</a>. While the announcement <a href="https

Here Is The Ex-Googler Dream Team That Led Facebook’s New Graph Search Tool

When Facebook unveiled its new <a target="_blank" href="">Graph Search</a> function earlier today, it also unveiled the two people who spearheaded the new "third pillar" of Facebo

Facebook Announces Its Third Pillar “Graph Search” That Gives You Answers, Not Links Like Google

Today at Facebook’s press event, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, announced its latest product, called Graph Search. Two of the members of the Graph Search team, Lars Rasmussen and Tom Stocky,