Grant Assistant wants to apply generative AI to grant proposals

Grants are the lifeblood of many organizations. But procuring them often turns out to be a time-consuming, labor-intensive process. Writing a proposal can take hundreds of hours, require the services

NASA loads 14 companies with $370M for ‘tipping point’ technologies

NASA has announced more than a third of a billion dollars worth of “Tipping Point” contracts awarded to over a dozen companies pursuing potentially transformative space technologies. The p

Microsoft to distribute $20M in grants to nonprofits, offers free skills training via LinkedIn

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an almost immeasurable negative impact on the wider economy. Specifically in the job market, there have been millions of job losses, and in the U.S. alone unemployment nu

Economic development organizations: good or bad for entrepreneurial activity?

In developing VC markets such as the Midwest, some may think that funding from the government or economic development organizations are a godsend for local entrepreneurs. Startups are often looking...

AI Grant aims to fund the unfundable to advance AI and solve hard problems

Artificial intelligence-focused investment funds are a dime a dozen these days. Everyone knows there's money to be made from AI, but to capture value, good VCs know they need to back products and not grants $50 million to nonprofits striving for equal access in education is donating a $50 million block of grant money to education tech nonprofits striving to create equal access to education around the world. The money, and in-kind services from Google, will

Full Fact aims to end fake news with automated fact checking tools

After they failed to stop the spread of “fake news” around the U.S. election, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Google are facing heightened public scrutiny. Fake news is a threat to democracy, the

NSF puts $110 million toward building out the XSEDE national computing initiative

It's in the country's best interest to stay at (or at least near) the forefront of advanced computing techniques, and the National Science Foundation has just put $110 million down to make sure that h

NSF dedicates $35 million to improving software used in science and education

Big data is more important than ever in just about every scientific discipline — and the data is bigger than ever, too. To help manage that data and get it into the hands of scientists and students,

Google Launches Its Third Year Of Earth Developer Grants For Maps That Help Nonprofits Accomplish A Mission

Google has opened applications for its third annual Google Earth Outreach Developer Grants. The program provides $10K-$20K of funding to nonprofits that are willing to use Google’s Map technolog

Etsy Wants to Give Female Programmers $5,000 to Attend Hacker School

<a href="">Etsy</a>, the popular marketplace for all things handmade, just announced that it will not just be hosting the 2012 session of <a href="">Hacker

A123 Systems Spinoff 24M Technologies Raises $16 Million

<img src='' class="snap_nopreview shot" alt="A123" />Energy storage system producer 24M Technologies spun out of lithium-ion battery maker <a hr

Here's your chance to get a $5000 photographer grant

<img src="" alt="logo2" title="logo2" width="173" height="61" class="alignright size-full wp-image-134716" />Here's something that we don'

Australia's $4.4 million kinetic energy vest

Sure, you could build your own similar device for far less than $4.4 million (Australian) but would it look nearly as awesome as the vest that the bad mamma jamma on the left is wearing? My position i