grammy awards

  • SteelSeries asks: You know the goody bag given out at the end of fancy events?

    Jimin-with-the-big-FLAC-collection and I met with one of the SteelSeries guys today. It’s funny: you think you understand where a company’s coming from, but then you sit down and actually talk to them and it’s like, “Wow, OK, you guys are pretty cool.” So to the people who will walk out of Sunday’s Grammy Awards with one of those fancy gift bags you always… Read More

  • Michael Jackson. 3D. Grammy Awards. Rubbish.

    I don’t know, guys, something about a Michael Jackson 3D video making its début at the Grammy Awards this year. You need to get the glasses at Target or Staples. 3D stinks, we all know. All it’s going to take is a big-shot director to give a speech at the Academy Awards saying, “Can we cut it out with this 3D garbage?” Then the next day we’ll be all, “Yeah… Read More