• AMD To Phase Out ATI Name With Next Batch Of Graphics Cards

    ATI, we hardly knew ye. Word on the street is that AMD, which bought ATI for a cool $5.4 billion some four years ago, will phase out the ATI name later this year. Apparently AMD’s research indicates that people prefer the AMD name to the ATI name, but that, above that, the name that really sells is Radeon. Goodbye ATI Radeon Pro, hello AMD Radeon Pro. Read More

  • VLC 1.1.0 adds Windows and Linux GPU decoding

    Have you launched VLC today? If so then you’ll already know that it has been updated to version 1.1.0. The biggest feature in this version is the addition of GPU decoding for Windows (Vista and 7 only) and Linux users. That is, you can use that fancy GPU of yours to help decode that 1080p MKV you’ve got there, leaving your CPU with enough room to breathe, or whatever. Fair warning… Read More

  • The Sapphire 5970 4G Toxic Edition is the fastest video card on Planet Earth

    Damn you, Sapphire. Three weeks ago I bought your vanilla Radeon 5970, and now you release the Radeon 5970 4G TOXIC Edition? What a load of bunk. Fastest video card on the planet, you say? Well I say FE$%Fxtgredth. Read More

  • Nvidia commits to simultaneous desktop-laptop driver releases

    Nvidia wants to help out you laptop gamers. How nice of them. From now on, the company will release both desktop and mobile drivers at the same time. This isn’t such a big deal for desktop users, what with their fancy GTX 480s, but laptop users won’t have to wait for the Dells and HPs of the world to release updated drivers. Nvidia’s got you covered. Read More

  • PS3 Slim now ever more slimmer (and more efficient)

    Sony just can’t seem to leave well enough alone, it turns out that they have managed to redesign the RSX GPU to make it even smaller and more efficient. A recent tear-down by Japanese fansite PocketNews showed off the fact that they Nvidia GPU used in all the PS3 Slim units has been reduced to an even smaller size since launch. Read More

  • MacBook Pro GPU is always on in Windows 7

    MacBooks have great battery life for a few reasons, including, but not limited to, GPU switching. However, as Ubergizmo discovered, when you run Windows 7 in Bootcamp the GPU stays on all the time, essentially sucking down battery like a fiend. The 2009 MBP also had issues – the screen was too bright and the keyboard backlight was always on – but otherwise there wasn’t much of… Read More

  • What can we blame for AMD's recent lackluster performance?

    What’s the matter with AMD? The number two chip maker in the whole world just posted some numbers that don’t reflect too kindly on its performance over the last few months. The big, bad Sunnyvale, Calif.-based corp lost $416 million last quarter; about $195 million of that was related to a corporate spinoff (see: GlobalFoundries). When put into scary percentages, AMD’s sales… Read More

  • NVIDIA eyeing netbook market, waiting for evolution

    Ah, graphics. One of the present-day netbook’s Achilles’ heels. While NVIDIA struck a deal earlier this year with VIA to work on its netbook-friendly “Nano” processors, it appears that the graphics giant is employing a wait-and-see position towards the rest of the netbook market in general. NVIDIA CFO Marv Burkett said at a recent technology conference… Read More

  • Adobe officially announces Creative Suite 4: Photoshop to be GPU accelerated

    Oh boy, some non-Android news for you. My guess is that it’ll be wall-to-wall Android in a few hours, so smoke ’em if you got ’em. That is to say, if you have no interest in Android—impossible!—may I suggest you break out the stamp collection, maybe watch Ferris Bueller’s Day Off for the 900th time? Anyhow, the next version of Adobe Photoshop, CS4, which… Read More

  • Nvidia GPU chipset problems affect Dell laptop line

    What was previously reported as an issue contained to HP laptops, has now been linked to 10 Dell models. Nvidia had acknowledged that certain GPUs are suffering from high failure rates when undergoing “temperature fluctuations”. The problem stems from a weak die/packaging material set. While Nvidia is dealing with their supply chain problems, Dell has provided a list of… Read More

  • Nvidia's faulty laptop GPUs cause all sorts of headaches

    Nvidia will be making significantly less money this quarter thanks to defective GPUs. The company said yesterday that some of its laptop graphics processors have a tendency to overheat, and that it’s taking a $150-$200 million charge to cover the costs of repairs. Yes, I had to look up what “charge” means in this context. Nvidia says the problem is caused by weak materials. Read More