Timex releases their $275 GPS watch

<img src=""> I love me a GPS watch. While they're not quite as exciting in practice as they are in theory, they're still great for ex

DeLorme announces Earthmate PN-60w, a satellite messaging GPS unit

Boeing preparing to launch next-gen GPS satellites

<img src="" />Good news for GPS users, Boeing is getting ready to launch the latest generation of GPS satellites, the "GPS IIF-1". The

Hands-on with MobileHelp, for when Dad has fallen and he can't get up

MobileHelp is a small device that works “beyond the home” allowing your loved one to call for help at a press of a button. The device also also tracks your loved one via GPS and, when they

TomTom quietly releases two new US models

<img src=""><a href="">TomTom</a>, you sneaky, sneaky devil. You thought you could pop two n

Garmin nüvi 3700 series part of the pre-crime unit

I think the standalone GPS device is all but dead – I’m a pessimist that way and I know that your parents and mine both use standalone GPSes but that’s because we never showed them h

Casio's GPS camera coming in October

<img src="" />I don't get GPS in cameras. There have been times (not many, but there have) when I've been out taking pictures

AT&T Navigator update shakes things up

<img src="" />The <a href="">AT&T Navigat

Turns out the Google Street View car tagged with a GPS sensor thing was a hoax

<img src="">This makes me sad inside. Pranksters really <a href="

CrunchDeals: Garmin nuvi 285W with traffic and Bluetooth for $100

<img class="left" src="" alt="" />Good news first: $100 is a pretty good deal for a 4.3-inch GPS with both traffic service and Bluetooth bu

Google Street View camera car tagged with GPS sensor, stalked around Berlin

<img src="">The story here is that someone secretly affixed a GPS tracker on a Google Street View camera car and you can follow the c

TeleNav creating GPS blog reading system

<img src="" />To me, geo-tagging in photography hasn't really held much interest. Sure, it's helpful when you see someones

Timex announces new GPS Training watch

<img src="" />Timex launched a new GPS watch recently, and while it's intended for athletes who require more exac

Garmin hops on the satellite imagery bus

<img src="">Newsflash: birds see a LOT of stuff thanks to the fact that they can fly. Garmin wants to give you the same sensation (minus

CrunchDeals: Magellan Maestro 4700 GPS with Bluetooth for $140

<img src="">Amazon’s lopped $50 off the price of the 4.7-inch Magellan Maestro 4700, which includes Bluetooth, voice command, and

CrunchDeals: Garmin nuvi 855 for $160

<img src="">Amazon’s got a one-day deal on the 4.3-inch Garmin nuvi 855 GPS at $160, down from $190. You can still get it by Chris

Review: AT&T Navigator app for iPhone

<img src="" />I've been using the <a href="

CrunchDeals: Garmin nuvi 260W for $120

<img src="">I’ve been eying these GPS deals pretty closely lately, as someone on my Christmas list is getting a nice

Onkyo's 7-inch tablet PC with integrated GPS module

<img src="" /> Onkyo Japan has announced a few notebooks today, all of which are in fact re-branded (but beefed up) models competitor

Analysts think you're going to want to buy a connected GPS in 5 years

<img src="" />Analyst firm, Berg Insight, thinks that eighty-eight percent of all GPS units shipped in 2015 will have cellular
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