New Garmin GPS Watch Has Shed Its Girth

It's interesting to chart the size and shape of fitness watches over the years. The first Garmins looked like protein bars melted to your wrist by this new one, the Forerunner 910XT, looks as svelte a

TC Tests The GeoMate Jr., A Geocaching GPS Unit For The Wee Ones

I just had the unique pleasure geocaching for the first time. I'd always been interested in the concept: someone hides something tiny in the wilderness and you use a GPS tracker to find it. However, t

Garmin To Buy Navigon

<img src="">Garmin Ltd. and Navigon AG just announced that the two companies have reached an agreement and a subsidiary of Garmin

NASA's Plan To Protect GPS Satellites? Hand Them Over To Homeland Security.

<img src="" />Why this is making a splash today, I can't really answer, but here we go. Nasa published a white paperin November that dis

FCC Approves LightSquared Frequencies, GPS Now In Danger

<img src="" />It's illegal to own or operate a <a href="">G

Telogis Raises $2.9 Million More To Help Companies Manage Fleets, Reduce Emissions

<img src="" class="shot2"></img> Telogis, a location-based technology firm in Aliso Viejo, Calif. has raised another $2

New GPS System Boosts Accuracy To 3cm

<img src="" /> Existing GPS systems usually achieve an accuracy of about 10m, but that will change soon, according to a recent report in Ja

In Russia, Linux-based GLONASS GPS "iPhone" Follows You Oh, those Russians. Sistema, a mobile operator over in Putin Country, just released the first GLONASS/GPS phone in the country. GLON

Should The Government Have To Tell You About That GPS It Installed On Your Car?

<img src="" />Now here's a prickly issue: should the government have to obtain a warrant in order to slap a GPS tracking device on your car

TomTom Releases GPS Units Redesigned Inside And Out

TomTom is back and ready to sell its next generation of PNDs. The 4.3-inch Go 2045 TM and 5-inch Go 2505 TM are built around a new system that was developed by regularly monitoring traffic information

North Koreans Have a GPS Jammer

<img src=""> North Korea is apparently active jamming GPS signals using truck-mounted systems that overrun signals coming

ContourHD Announces New Camera With Built In GPS

<img src="" />The makers of the ContourHD camera just announced an update to their hands-free product, the ContourGPS. The CoutourGPS uses

Schools Now Tracking Your Kids' Bus Rides Using GPS

<img src="" /><a HREF="

Can The Government Track You Via GPS Without Your Knowledge Or Permission?

<img src="" />The government is coming after you! Run for the hills! Oh, wait, the government owns the hills! Shrill, yes, but there’s

Applied Geotagging: Where Locals And Tourists Shoot Pictures

These maps, by Eric Fisher, are the result of interpreting geotagging data for Flickr photos taken in popular cities. Red dots mean tourist photos, blue dots mean locals. Personally I don’t see

App review: TomTom for iPhone

<img src="" /> For the last couple of months I've been using the TomTom USA navigation app for iPhone. The big difference be

Timex releases their $275 GPS watch

<img src=""> I love me a GPS watch. While they're not quite as exciting in practice as they are in theory, they're still great for ex

DeLorme announces Earthmate PN-60w, a satellite messaging GPS unit

Boeing preparing to launch next-gen GPS satellites

<img src="" />Good news for GPS users, Boeing is getting ready to launch the latest generation of GPS satellites, the "GPS IIF-1". The

Hands-on with MobileHelp, for when Dad has fallen and he can't get up

MobileHelp is a small device that works “beyond the home” allowing your loved one to call for help at a press of a button. The device also also tracks your loved one via GPS and, when they
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