Developers Prefer GPL, Enterprises Prefer Apache

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Linus Torvalds speaks out on the Microsoft GPL code contribution

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Microsoft pulls its head out of the sand, releases GPL Linux kernel modules

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Hexen, Heretic source codes released under GPL

Hot damn, how did we miss this? Activision released the source code of the Raven-developed Heretic and Hexen two days ago. The source is GPL’d, and is therefore totally free (as in beer and free

Not iPhone: Roku Netflix player software goes open source

Oh hey there, this should be interesting. Remember the Roku Netflix set-top box that came out a little while ago? Well Roku has just released the code under the GPL, which got the MythTV community buz

Quo vadis, Qtrax?

[photopress:qqtrax.jpg,full,center] Qtrax, ostensibly the first free and legal P2P service, went live yesterday to all sorts of questions. If there record labels didn’t sign any deals with the s

ASUS responds to Eee source code violations

Earlier this week, we told you about some source code that was missing from ASUS’ Eee PC software. DigiTimes relayed a statement from ASUS today in response to the allegations. "Asustek sta

Asus Eee PC Linux source code discrepancies

A coffee-loving technoweenie named Cliff Biffle has unearthed some interesting information while playing around with his new Asus Eee PC. Apparently, there are GPL violations left and right. The GPL,

Cisco iPhone In Violation Of GPL

A few days ago, I noticed some user on Digg pointing out that Cisco shouldn’t be suing Apple when Cisco is already violating terms of the GNU/GPL by using open source software (read: Linux) to p

TROLLTECH Announces Greenphone

TROLLTECH, the makers of Qt and Qtopia, unveiled Greenphone Monday night in San Francisco. Greenphone provides the source code API calls to all of the phone’s basic operations, such as the diale