• Developers Prefer GPL, Enterprises Prefer Apache

    OpenLogic, makers of open source license compliance scanning software, have released some stats about open source license proliferation and popularity and it makes for some interesting reading. The big takeaway is that developers generally prefer the GNU General Public License while their enterprise employers prefer the Apache Software License. There are a number of ways to interpret this data. Read More

  • Linus Torvalds speaks out on the Microsoft GPL code contribution

    Earlier this week MIcrosoft released GPL code to the public. Opinions have varied on this, with some folks thinking it suggests a stark about-face for Microsoft, others thinking it’s simply a marketing ploy to sell more licenses for their Hyper-V virtualization solution. Whatever the motivation, the code is out there. Linus Torvalds, the benevolent dictator of the Linux kernel… Read More

  • Microsoft pulls its head out of the sand, releases GPL Linux kernel modules

    Microsoft, not known for playing nice with anyone, has made a surprising about-face: they’ve released Linux kernel modules under the GNU Public License. That’s right: the company that’s been trying to scare businesses away from Linux and GPL code for years — remember in 2001 when Steve Ballmer called Linux a cancer? — has just released GPL code of its own. Read More

  • Hexen, Heretic source codes released under GPL

    Hot damn, how did we miss this? Activision released the source code of the Raven-developed Heretic and Hexen two days ago. The source is GPL’d, and is therefore totally free (as in beer and freedom) for you to mess around with. Weekend project? Read More

  • Not iPhone: Roku Netflix player software goes open source

    Oh hey there, this should be interesting. Remember the Roku Netflix set-top box that came out a little while ago? Well Roku has just released the code under the GPL, which got the MythTV community buzzing about getting its popular open source media center software onto the Roku box. If you think about it, the $99 box would be a nice little option for running MythTV, as there’s HDMI… Read More

  • Quo vadis, Qtrax?

    [photopress:qqtrax.jpg,full,center] Qtrax, ostensibly the first free and legal P2P service, went live yesterday to all sorts of questions. If there record labels didn’t sign any deals with the service, whose music would it be serving? Why would it make such a hullabaloo about its launch if the man behind the curtain was asleep? Will the source code for its main software component be… Read More

  • ASUS responds to Eee source code violations

    Earlier this week, we told you about some source code that was missing from ASUS’ Eee PC software. DigiTimes relayed a statement from ASUS today in response to the allegations. "Asustek stated that it has always respected the spirit of the GPL and the failure to make the source code available was due to an omission by one of the company’s software technicians. The company… Read More

  • Asus Eee PC Linux source code discrepancies

    A coffee-loving technoweenie named Cliff Biffle has unearthed some interesting information while playing around with his new Asus Eee PC. Apparently, there are GPL violations left and right. The GPL, as you’ll recall, is the license under which the Linux kernel is made available and basically says that you’re free to modify Linux provided you make your source code available to… Read More

  • Cisco iPhone In Violation Of GPL

    A few days ago, I noticed some user on Digg pointing out that Cisco shouldn’t be suing Apple when Cisco is already violating terms of the GNU/GPL by using open source software (read: Linux) to power its iPhone WIP300 device. Today, Cisco has admitted that yes, it is indeed in violation but that it’s only “one issue”. One issue or not, you still screwed up Cisco and now… Read More

  • TROLLTECH Announces Greenphone

    TROLLTECH, the makers of Qt and Qtopia, unveiled Greenphone Monday night in San Francisco. Greenphone provides the source code API calls to all of the phone’s basic operations, such as the dialer, calendar, address book and more. Trolltech stated that they believe many of the simple services in typical phones can be enhanced drastically by opening up the source code rather than adding… Read More