gPhone Madness: The creepiest entry to date

The gPhone madness contest is still going strong. Remember to vote early and often for your favorite entrants and that we also count comments in the judging. Rich sends us his entry, a really freaking

Ben Worthen of the WSJ: "Android will lead to the meltdown of corporate America; communism, alternate religions to follow"

The gPhone is definitely creating a series of aftershocks in the journalism world. Two days after the big announcement, people are still talking, and it’s not all good. Even the stuffy WSJ gets

Stevenf: "Android is bullpoop and you're dumb, Google"

My, if this isn’t the day of Google backlash. While we’re not highly keen on the whole Android idea as it stands, Steven Frank thinks it’s garbage: A 34-company committee couldn&#821

Symbian: "Android's stupid and for babies and dumb heads."

How did I miss LOLBOTS? Nokia and Symbian were behind school yesterday and Nokia was smoking cloves and Symbian was reading some book and then Nokia as all like “Did you see what Google did?&#82

Gphone madness: contest entries keep rolling in

Here’s the deal: in order to celebrate the non-release of the gPhone, we’re asking you, our dear readers, to offer up some potential applications for the Android platform. They can be sill

gPhone Madness: The Contest

Not the gPhone, but close. Welcome to a world where Androids don’t just help Leia get a message to Obiwan. Our slack-jawed faces are leaking happy juice due to the announcement of Google/OHA&#82

CrunchGear Live: What we think about the Android announcement This “live” show didn’t turn out to be live after all due to some unforeseen technical glitches but let’s pretend, huh?

Google Conference Call Liveblog Click here to read our live coverage of the Google Mobile OS. More info: Today, T-Mobile is participating, alongside Google and others, in the announceme

CG ALERT: And we're off… Motorola, T-Mo, HTC, and Qualcomm gPhone conference call today

I’ll just quote this verbatim and I’ll be live blogging the call in a mere 30 minutes. I may have to eat my hat. GOOGLE, T-MOBILE, HTC, QUALCOMM AND MOTOROLA TO DISCUSS NEW OPEN PLATFORM F

Video: If I had a magic phone

“Kids talk about what their dream phone would do.” This is another promo video for the Open Handset Alliance, published on Google’s YouTube channel. If I had a magic phone [YouTube]

Video: Introducing Android

The creators of Android talk about their new open platform for mobile phones and the Open Handset Alliance. Introducing Android [YouTube]

The gPhone: My Take

Please don’t hold your breath on the Google Phone announcement: you’ll probably pass out and it won’t have been worth it. Google is set to “announce” a phone project &mda

Google to make gPhone announcement Monday

After a brief repose from posting all things iPhone, our tips inbox was brimming — brimming, I say! — with news of the gPhone. Or gPhones. Or whatever Google is going to call it when it ma

Is this the Google Phone? Begin salt grain preparation

Although it appears that there won’t be any one singular Google Phone, there have apparently been some murmurings around the interconnected network that Chinese device manufacturer “E28&#8

Google Phone announcement expected in next two weeks says WSJ

The Google Phone has replaced the iPhone. What I mean by that is all the rumors, innuendo and general nonsense that surrounded the iPhone will now be transplanted to the Google Phone. Today’s ru

GPhone not a phone, but a free software suite, due next year

Don’t call it a phone? Not even a GPhone? ‘fraid not, according to yesterday’s International Herald Tribune. Yes, Google is working on a mobile phone project, and has been for some t

Microsoft: gPhone is lies and fabrications, Windows Mobile great, you people know nothing

Scott “The Rock” Rockfeld sat down with InformationWeek to discuss the Google Phone, Google’s purchase of mobile spectrum, how great Google is, and how super Google is. His assessmen

Could GPay Be Google's Killer Phone App?

An interesting new patent was published August 30 that would suggest that Google is developing a mobile phone payment system. The Text Message Payment patent details a system where by Google offers a

GPhone To Launch in India, Start Lining Up Now!

In what appears to be an amalgam of rumor, innuendo, and just making shit up, Rediff India Abroad is saying that Google will launch something sometime — perhaps a fortnight from now? — in

Could The GPhone Be Nigh?

Todays completely unsubstantiated rumor comes from Rediff News, a usually well respected source of news based in India. Rediff is reporting that the Google Phone is set to be launched in 2 weeks time!
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