Nexus One, The Google Phone, Captured In The Wild (Pictures)

<img src="" width="150" height="200" />Apparently, Googlers aren't <a href="">supposed to b

The Google Phone identifies as an early replicant

The Gruber brings us this bit of news: the new GPhone identifies as Nexus One in browsing logs. Five points to anyone who can remember what the Nexus models were?

The Google Phone: This changes everything (mostly)

<img src="" class="right">We don't have much information on the Google Phone just yet. In fact, it sounds

gPhone in our futures?

TC is reporting: 2007 was the year of speculation of a Google Phone, or Gphone. Handset manufacturer HTC was the center of attention around most of the rumors. But Google eventually squashed those rum

GPhone delayed till 2009

*gasp* TheStreet has word from a source familiar with the situation that the GPhone won’t be released in time for the holiday shopping season after all. That’s really all the source had to

Two gPhones coming for post-Christmas?

RXC is positing that there will be two gPhones coming after Christmas, both made by Samsung (!!). He describes the phones as something like the Pearl with a flip up screen. I’m calling bullshit,

GPhone mauling

[photopress:scaled.IMG_1227.JPG,full,pp_image] Another collection of photos from my mauling of the GPhone in the wild. It’s ugly, sure, and it doesn’t work. But isn’t it exciting? [p

Our first Android phone hands-on

Here, in all its madcap glory, is the GPhone: Android running on test hardware that looks compelling but not quite ready for prime time. The interface was quite snappy — it was almost exactly as

GPhone Prototype Debuts At Mobile World Congress

The first official prototype of a phone running Google’s Android platform has debuted at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona today. Upstaging the usually quick blog media, AP captured the fir

A La Mobile Takes $6.75 Million Series B

San Ramon, CA based a la mobile has taken $6.75 million Series B in a round led by original investor Venrock. Under the deal, Venrock managing partners Ray Rothrock and Tony Sun join the a la mobile b

A La Mobile First To Pimp Android

San Ramon, CA based a la mobile has become the first company to offer a complete package of applications based on Google’s Android mobile phone operating system. A a la mobile demo unit includes

Android in February? Prepare grains of salt now

Google has booked not one, but two (!!!!!) booths at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this February. That means that it’ll probably be showing off Android phones then, right? Maybe. Or may

GPhone To Debut In February?

Google powered phones could be debuted as soon as February, according to speculation by APC. It’s an interesting exercise in drawing the dots together to get to a completely unsupported conclusi

Android Prototype: Lets Hope Looks Can Be Deceiving

Gizmodo has got their hands on a photograph (pic right) of a prototype phone running Google’s Android Open Mobile operating system. According to the report, the phone itself looks like it may ha

Verizon Wireless to open up its network next year

By the end of 2008, you’ll be able to BYO device to Verizon’s high speed wireless network, according to a press release issued today.

Scoble not too hot on Android

Not too long after Google’s announcement of $10-million worth of prize money to Android application developers, Robert Scoble has weighed in with a few reasons (seven) why he’s not too kee

Google's '$10 Million Android Developer Challenge'

Thinking about looking into developing something for the upcoming Android platform? Google has announced a $10-million jumpstart to things in the form of "cash prizes ranging from $25,000 to $275

Old Man Dvorak says 'the Google phone is doomed'

Every industry needs an old, crotchety curmudgeon. We have the always-entertaining John C. Dvorak who’s lately seemed to be slowly slipping into senility. That’s okay, though. That’s

gPhone Madness contest over on Monday

Because of all the server futzing I’m extending the gPhone Madness contest until Monday at 12pm eastern. Feel free to vote, enter, and do whatever over the weekend but remember that it ends Mond

Steve Ballmer says something absolutely horrible about Android! Read on to see what it is!

Man. Google can’t get a break. First Nokia and Symbian are all like “POOOP!” and then Steven F is like “Weener!” and then the WSJ is like “WOMP STUPID WOMP” a
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