• A tale of God of War

    God of War III comes out today (YES!), and with all the hoopla surrounding it, I thought this would actually be a good time to recommend/pay tribute to the other God of War games. I’ll explain. I’ve always considered myself to be a hardcore gamer — up on the big new releases, aware of what’s going on in the industry — but for some reason, I completely missed out… Read More

  • Grains of War will curb stomp your appetite

    http://www.g4tv.com/lv3/35316 Perhaps I’m a cynic, but I really expected this Gears of War parody spot, made by the folks on G4’s X-Play, to suck something fierce. Then Cole Train dumped cereal all over his face, and my worries drifted away. Read More

  • Gears of War 2 to get linked achievements

    SETTING: A ravaged Earth-like planet populated by brawny space soldiers and vermin-like aliens. Dramatis personæ:
    Marcus Fenix
    Dominic Santiago
    The Chorus The characters approach a large hole in the earth. Marcus: Let’s hit that Locust hole with some grenades.
    Dominic: Got it.
    Dominic: What was that?
    Marcus: Some kid in Scranton. He’s a douche.
    Read More