Anecdotes lands $25M to expand its governance, risk management and compliance business

Governance, risk management and compliance — GRC for short — remains one of the most active startup areas in terms of VC investments. According to Tracxn, the private market data tracker,

The possibility of regulation hangs on the horizon over generative AI

While it's easy to get lost in the hype of generative AI, you have to remember there could be a big governance piece coming.

OpenAI, Google and a ‘digital anthropologist’: the UN forms a high-level board to explore AI governance

The halls of power are waking up to the potentials and pitfalls of artificial intelligence. The big question will be how much of an impact they will have on the march of progress if (and when) there a

Compliance and risk management startup Certa raises $35M

Certa, a compliance, governance and risk management platform for enterprises, today announced that it raised $35 million in a Series B round co-led by Fin Capital and Vertex Ventures, with participati

Cypago, which aims to automate compliance and governance for companies, raises $13M

There are a growing number of cybersecurity regulations designed to keep business and customer data protected. In 2022 alone, more than 40 U.S. states introduced 250 bills focused on cybersecurity, ac

OneTrust hauls in another $150M on a $4.5B down round valuation

OneTrust has been raising money by the bushel since it was founded in 2016, raising a $200 million Series A in July 2019, a $210 million Series B in February 2020, and a $300 million Series C in Decem

As Egnyte continues to grow steadily, an IPO seems like the inevitable conclusion

Egnyte is like the little engine that could. It just keeps chugging along with slow but steady growth as it marches towards an IPO.

Arbitrum co-founder sees DAO’s resolution to voter drama as a ‘testament to decentralization’

For Steven Goldfeder, CEO and co-founder of Offchain Labs, Arbitrum DAO's blunder is simply one of many early steps on the journey to decentralization.

VCs should want to hold early-stage companies more accountable

If VCs hold their portfolio companies more accountable from the start, not only would it prevent future problems, but it would also likely help build better businesses.

So that founder you backed turned out to be problematic. Now what?

Sometimes it's hard to predict how a founder will act down the road but there are steps VCs can take when a founder's behavior takes a turn.

Free Agency CEO seems to care more about control than the company, former employees say

According to former employees of human resources startup Free Agency, CEO Sherveen Mashayekhi’s leadership style is holding the startup back as he seems to care more about demanding loyalty and

Zilla Security automates identity access and governance across an organization

Identity is a big part of any security strategy, helping control access to applications and services across a company. Sometimes that involves a person, and sometimes a machine, adding to the complexi

CSI, a decades-old fintech solutions vendor, agrees to be acquired for $1.6B

Showing that the regtech industry remains robust to economic headwinds, private equity firms Centerbridge Partners and Bridgeport Partners today announced plans to acquire publicly traded Computer Ser

The Oversight Board’s annual report tracks how often Meta follows its advice

The advisory group reviewing Facebook and Instagram’s content moderation decisions issued its first annual report Wednesday, capping off its first year in operation. The Oversight Board apparent

Castor, a data catalog startup, nabs $23.5M to expand its platform

Castor, a data catalog platform, today announced that it raised $23.5 million in a Series A funding round led by Blossom with participation from Frst and angel investors including Florian Douetteau, t

Reco raises $30M to prevent sensitive data leaks

Reco (also known as RecoLabs), a company using AI to map a company’s data sharing, today announced that it raised $30 million in a Series A round co-led by Insight Partners and Zeev Ventures wit

With steady growth, Egnyte reaches $150M ARR and looks to future IPO

After 14 years, it’s hard to keep calling Egnyte a startup. It’s more a wily veteran private company with steady growth, one that might have taken 12 years to reach $100 million in ARR, bu

Facebook’s Oversight Board will meet with the Facebook whistleblower

Facebook’s external policy review board will meet with Frances Haugen, a former Facebook employee who went public with her concerns about the company last week. Facebook’s Oversight Board

Blendoor data lets you know if companies are living up to diversity pledges

Many companies talk the talk when it comes to diversity, but it’s harder to know if a firm is actually going the extra mile to hire more qualified people from underrepresented groups, or if they

Fund managers can leverage ESG-related data to generate insights

Environmental, social and corporate governance data is everywhere. Learning how to understand it promises big payoffs.
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