• Gotuit File Suit Against Microsoft for Silverlight

    ZDNet were the first to report that Gotuit Media, a company nobody has heard of, has filed suit against Microsoft for alleged patent infringements in Silverlight. If you go to the Gotuit website to see what they do, you may expect that they have built a browser-based virtual machine, with markup for defining interfaces and that their platform is starting to gain traction, but instead they are… Read More

  • Gotuit Powering Video Search Only Ted Nugent Could Love

    Gotuit made an “about face” when they ditched their online TV product (except for music videos) and refocused on powering video sites. Over the past year they’ve been striking deals to power video services for the likes of Sports Illustrated, EMI, Fox Reality, amongst others. Now they’re powering Extreme Outdoor TV network (XONTV), a web site dedicated to outdoor… Read More

  • Gotuit SceneMaker Lets Users Tag And Cut Online Video

    Gotuit will launch a social video tagging service on Tuesday that allows users to cut and tag any online video from any source. Gotuit is a video host for online video, mobile video, and cable TV. But unless you’re YouTube, you can’t compete in online video without a new bag of tricks. Contextual cutting and tagging is Gotuit ‘s new trick. “We are launching [this]… Read More

  • Gotuit Furthers Television's Demise

    Boston based Gotuit Media launched Gotuit late Sunday evening. Gotuit offers users on-demand free premium content like music videos, sports clips and short films (the stuff that gets deleted from YouTube). Find what you want, click it and watch it immediately. The site is Flash based and will have a familiar interface for YouTube users. This isn’t about long tail user generated… Read More